Universal Orlando CityWalk Photo Report (December 7, 2022) Water Taxis Have Returned!


Universal Orlando CityWalk often functions as only a pass-through area for many guests. They leave the security area, take the moving walkways, and head directly to their chosen theme park. However, several changes have happened in Universal Orlando CityWalk over the last few weeks. Some of these changes relate to the holiday season. Yet some have nothing to do with the holiday season.  We will attempt to show you some of the highlights.

For example, as we reported previously, the boat dock for guests to be dropped off in the CityWalk area from some of the resort hotels went under a short refurbishment. The refurbishment was scheduled to end on December 8. Then, premier and preferred resort hotel guests can use this method of transportation again. In addition, all guests can use the accessible water taxis to revisit the resorts on that date. However, we have good news the water taxis are running again; today was the first day back. The Team Members showed evident excitement about it. They said this refurbishment would need to happen every 10-12 years.

Also, the former splash pad area was converted to a more park-style seating area. So, fewer children are covered in water now—also, less danger of random adults wandering into the splash zone. If you struggled to find a seat before, this should help you when looking to relax in CityWalk. These locations will also make good spots to regroup after buying something at one of the many merchandise kiosks in Universal Orlando CityWalk.

Signs and props for Mistletoe Pines appeared on CityWalk a few weeks ago. On some occasions, Earl the Squirrel makes an appearance here, also. However, no sign of the sweet treats returning, unlike last year.

However, evidence leads us to believe that beverages have or will be served from this location.

Photo courtesy of Alicia Stella, Orlando Park Stop
Photo Courtesy of MainStMagic.com

If you miss it, The Green and Red Coconut Club continues in full swing for the holiday season. They even added a seasonal “pickle hunt” for guests to enjoy. We have even heard that the club also offers a secret menu drink list. If you visit, make sure to check out the upstairs area. Many guests overlook that “attic” area.

Universal Orlando CityWalk

Later this week, Universal’s Great Movie Escape opens on December 9th. Though, as of the time of writing, we still wait for the public to enjoy this. We know these highly themed escape rooms provide an adventure within either the movie franchise worlds of “Jurassic World” or “Back to the Future.”

If you would like more information, you can look over our article about this attraction.

The Visual Merchandising Team at Universal Orlando provided a new surprise at the Universal Legacy Store. The prop of King Kong’s hand, formerly in the Summer Tribute Store, magically appeared in this store.

The design team looks to be showing that King Kong loves the holiday too.

Finally, for this report, the Cinemark theatre in CityWalk now displays promotions advertising for the “Puss in Boots: The Last Wish” movie. With the new DreamWorks movie coming out soon, this matches the pattern of promotional items in Universal Studios Florida.

With more merchandise opportunities and entertainment arriving at Universal Orlando CityWalk, guests should expect more changes here. The shopping, dining, and entertainment options offer guests many options within the CityWalk area on vacation.

What do you think of these recent updates? Let us know in the comments below.


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