Back to the Classic Movies at Universal Orlando’s Tribute Store


The ever-expanding tradition of The Tribute Store within Universal Studios Florida lives on. AS of time of writing early Thursday morning, several members of the theme park media received a tour of the “Summer Tribute Store.” The retro themed Tribute Store had a façade go up recently. Then a few days later, some old school movie posters appeared to match the old school theatre theme. Based on evidence from the façade, guests expected this store to be about classic Universal movie properties like E.T., Jaws, and Back to the Future. Guests also expected some summer themed treats within the Tribute Store.

In fact, the summer version of the Tribute Store opened at 9am on Thursday May 26th after a media preview. The Summer Tribute Store is in the New York area of Universal Studios Florida.

In typical fashion, the Tribute Store contains four different rooms. Each room presents a different theme. The four basic themes this year are ET., Jaws, Back to the Future, and a retro inspired snacks and merchandise area. The outdoor facade sets the tone very well for this Tribute Store. The anticipation and expectations build as you enter the Tribute Store.

As Universal Orlando tells us, this limited-time retail location transports guests to a 1980s movie theater where favorite scenes from retro summer blockbusters come to life within four incredibly themed rooms stocked with décor and dedicated merchandise that pay homage to each film:

  • E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial: Step inside Elliott’s childhood bedroom complete with toys, games and other heartfelt belongings and browse an assortment of apparel – including the famous red hoodie – along with E.T. plush, pins and more celebrating the upcoming 40th anniversary of the film’s release.
  • JAWS: Adorned with seaside props and the makings of a ship’s hull in the rafters is Quint’s boat shack – which includes a variety of “red, white and blue” shirts, bags, tumblers and more inspired by the setting of the classic film. This room also features authentic, retro merchandise that pays tribute to Universal Studios Florida’s past “JAWS” attraction.
  • Back to the Future: Go back in time to venture through Doc’s gadget-filled garage within the “Back to the Future” room, complete with t-shirts featuring glow-in-the-dark neon designs, collectible toys, “Outatime” license plates, mugs and more.
  • Best of Universal: The final room in the Summer Tribute Store features compilation merchandise starring the three blockbuster films highlighted within the store – plus items from other popular Universal Pictures’ movies like “Jurassic Park” – within a space decked out to resemble a theater concession stand. And of course, here is also where guests can find delicious, themed treats and snacks available for purchase.

The “Easter Eggs” contained within this store demand a second look. You can also buy “Mold-a Ramas” for $8 to get a mold themed to Jaws or Back to the Future.

So far, the themed treats look amazing with entire rows in bakery case dedicated to E.T, Jaws, and Back to the Future respectively.

Guests can see retro themed E.T. furniture in the first room of the store and buy “I Love E.T.” Mugs. In the second room, the smell of the ocean draws you in. Guests can even watch the original Jaws attraction queue video.

A long hallway filled with retro movie posters leads you to the Back to the Future room. In the Back to the Future room, a jukebox plays appropriate songs. A member of “Visual Merchandising” even pointed out that some of the décor in this room comes from the original movie, like the panther statues.

The final room filled with lots of merchandise smells like movie theatre popcorn. Of course, popcorn is being made. Please be on look out in future for reviews of the incredible themed treats within this store.

In the exit area, an homage to Earl the Squirrel happens. We even learn that Earl has picked some sidekicks known as “The Acorns” to sing and perform with him. Perhaps we will get to see them this winter holiday season. In this final hallway, even Halloween Horror Nights fans will find a slaughtering “Easter Egg” or two.

As usual, the Tribute Store looks amazing. If you find yourself visiting Universal Orlando, give this store a look or two *(or three).

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