Review: Ube Ice Cream Sesame Waffle Cone Universal Orlando Mardi Gras

ube ice cream waffle cone

One of the best new menu items during Mardi Gras at Universal Orlando last year was anything with ube ice cream. Last year, this ice cream came in a waffle cone inside Universal Studios Florida and in a Mardi Gras milkshake at Toothsome Chocolate Emporium and Savory Feast Kitchen. This year, both places offer similar sweet treats with this type of ice cream. However, the ube ice cream waffle cone version moved to the Sting Alley area of Universal Studios Florida where the Japan tent resides.

ube ice cream waffle cone

Last year, the ube ice cream tasted great. Many Universal Orlando fans hoped for a return of this popular ice cream. When rumors of the Japan booth grew, hope gained for an ube ice cream waffle cone for 2023 Mardi Gras. Fans of this ice cream received their wish.

ube ice cream waffle

For those unfamiliar with ube, it is a  purple yam that originates from the Philippines. Ube has a sweeter taste than sweet potato, and offers a slightly nutty, vanilla taste. The purple color of the ube has grown in popularity since the color looks good in photos. Universal Orlando convinced most of us that ube deserves our respect last year

This year, the Ube Ice Cream Sesame Bubble Waffle Cone costs $9.99 before any applicable discounts. The menu description reads, “Ube soft serve ice cream served in a toasted black sesame bubble waffle with cookie crumbs, pocky, and a Meiji panda cookie.”

ube ice cream waffle cone

This year’s version of the ube flavored ice cream continues to amaze guests with solid flavor. The ube brings a unique sweetness to this ice cream. The cookie crumbs, most likely Oreo, taste great also. In addition, the sesame waffle cone brings a distinct flavor. Even the pocky and panda cookie enhances this delicious waffle cone.

However, all news about this waffle cone would not qualify as good news. The production process, at the Japan food tent for this sweet treat fails to keep up with demand. If you select to order this, expect a wait. On opening day, we waited almost 30 minutes for our order. Then, the food location failed to have spoons to provide guests with so they could enjoy the ice cream. Speeds have improved but this menu item often causes a back-up.

Moreover, the main reason for the wait connects directly to the speed in which team members can create waffle cones. The team members on the first two days of Mardi Gras worked hard to get the orders to the customers. However, the demand exceeded production capability. Waffle cones were created at about a rate slightly over a minute each. Since demand for these rated high, guests received very warm waffle cones with ice cream melting quickly. On the three trips we participated in to order these waffle cones, it was impossible to eat them rapidly enough to avoid a major meltdown of the ube ice cream within the cone. This led to purple liquid dripping out of the bottom of the paper around this waffle cone.

So, the good news revolves around how this waffle cone still tastes great. However, the bad news involves the fact that your ice cream will be melting precipitously as you attempt to enjoy this excellent treat. We hope that production methods will improve with this wonderful Mardi Gras treat. Until then, we find it hard to fully recommend this treat.

However, if things improve regarding that issue, you should expect to see this waffle cone on the “Top Three Things” list soon.

As always, eat like you mean it!

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