Bubble Waffles at Universal Orlando Mardi Gras


If someone asks if you wanted a bubble waffle, what would you say? If they called it an egg waffle, what would you say? Universal Orlando created a food tent for Mardi Gras season featuring a bubble waffle. Depending on what culture you are from, you might refer to this style of waffle as an egg waffle. This “waffle” gets turned into a cone then filled at Universal Orlando. These style waffle cones increased in popularity in recent years in Western culture from their humble beginning in Hong Kong in the 1950s.

Universal Orlando created two versions for their “fusion” themed food tent. The two options are:

Ube Ice Cream Bubble Waffle: Purple Sweet Potato ice cream in a matcha green tea bubble waffle topped with toasted coconut, strawberry Pocky Sticks and popping candies.

Mardi Gras Bubble Waffle: Ube and matcha swirl soft-serve ice cream in a Belgian bubble waffle, topped with Mardi Gras sprinkles and sweet corn pocky sticks.

In this review, I will cover only the “Ube” version. However, short review of the Mardi Gras one-unless you love matcha, choose the “Ube” version. In simple terms, the Ube Ice Cream Bubble Waffle may win as my favorite item at Mardi Gras.

The strange looking waffle cones that several people compared to Shrek’s footprint surrounds some interesting ingredients. Yes, this dessert looks weird. However, we should have expected something odd from a “Fusion” tent during an event with the theme Planet Mardi Gras. Yes, the appearance of the waffle cone looks as out of place as a themed table instead of dining on top of trash cans for an Orlando area food festival. Please do not let the name and appearance dissuade you from enjoying this dessert.

This year’s Mardi Gras made me a lover of ube. Who would have thought I would enjoy a type of sweet potato in my ice cream? The ube also works well in the Mardi Gras Rhythm and Shake milkshake at Toothsome’s. The flavor of the ube ice cream does not overwhelm the dessert. Also, since the bubble waffles serve as a mechanism to hold the ingredients, the dessert comes together nicely. Even as someone who does prefer coconut, that flavor matched the ice cream and waffles well.

I have a few words of warning though. The Pocky sticks tasted good but please prepare for their flavor. More importantly, popping candies means old school version of “Pop Rocks.” The popping candies add to the experience but will taste better if you remember they are within this dessert.  One last thing, in my experience, do not let the ube ice cream melt. For me, the quality lowers when it melts. Though seemingly unlikely, the flavor balance changed significantly when it melted.

If looking for a filling sweet treat for under $9, the Ube Ice Cream Waffle Cone merits special attention. Now, you may not enjoy the ube ice cream as much as me. However, the taste adventure should create enjoyment for your time at Mardi Gras at Universal Orlando. Let the good time roll!

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