What We Know Currently About Halloween Horror Nights 2022 Orlando


Speculation season for Halloween Horror Nights (HHN) this year looked a bit different than in previous years. Some might say this season has felt like torture. As of time of writing, we know the identity of three of the HHN houses in Orlando officially. All of these have corresponding houses at the Hollywood version of Halloween Horror Nights. In each case, official announcements were made for both coasts at the same time. For example, on May 17th, we got the Universal Monsters Collide announcement. Three weeks later June 8th, Halloween was named as a house of HHN 2022. Then, about two weeks later, “The Horrors of Blumhouse” announcement occurred June 23rd.

Based on reasonable math, things started to look for the Orlando event that a HHN house announcement would happen about every two or three weeks. As of time of writing, no HHN house announcements have been made in a month. What does all this mean? Does it mean anything important? What do you know? Also, what do we think we know for sure?


  1. We know that about two weeks ago all the Blumhouse HHN promotion shirts and ornaments were moved to a different location with the 5 and Dime store in Universal Studios Florida. This movement of merchandise historically indicates a new HHN announcement of some type. At this point, the more “evergreen” monsters merchandise still sits in that spot where HHN preview merchandise usually sits. Based on historical patterns, the fact that the non-seasonal merchandise is still being displayed prominently there indicates something odd happened.

Based on evidence like this and current speculation, it is reasonable to conclude that a change needed to be made with a planned HHN house announcement. We could speculate about that. Still, no announcement for over 4 weeks looks very odd. If you know your HHN Orlando lore, several times intellectual property rights deal for HHN houses fell through late in process. These things probably make Universal Orlando want to scream. Yet sometimes you must purge yourself of things you cannot control and move on. Based on circumstantial evidence alone, that seems to have happened this year in some capacity. This could mean one less intellectual property HHN house this year among the ten HHN houses in Orlando.

  1. Based on the Nope movie being released, that will not be a HHN house this year. If HHN planned to use it for a house, they would have most likely announced it to match movie release date. They used this pattern for the Blumhouse property. Based on events in 2019, this rumored house had some credibility. Though, most disagreed.

Way back in 2019 (yes, in the before times), Halloween Horror Nights (HHN) 2019 unveiled a house inspired by a Jordan Peele movie. Us brought guests within that world of terror. For 2022, another Jordan Peel movie released. The Nope movie generates fears in a different way with a farming community and aliens. The trailer for that movie showed us an African American owned horse farm. An alien aspect of this movie provides the scares. Jordan Peele wrote and directed this movie. The movie also has a fictional theme park known as Jupiter’s Claim. A horror movie with a portion of plot relating to a theme park sounds perfect for HHN.

Adding to the intrigue, actual sets from the movie, Nope, were added as a part of the Universal Studios Hollywood daytime tram tour attraction in July. These sets became a part of the tour on same day that Nope movie released. So, HHN speculation increased that we would experience a HHN announcement on July 22nd, when the new Jordan Peele horror movie releases. Would a Jordan Peele inspired intellectual property make a good HHN house with more planning? We now know that that rumor—was just a rumor.

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  1. In similar fashion, the speculation of a Stranger Things HHN house and/or an “Evil Dead” HHN house looks very unlikely at this point. The veteran/expert in HHN speculation, HorrorNightNightmares.com, theorized that these types of houses might happen for 2022. They both looked logical. Yet, based on a lack of announcements at this point, those rumors are fading away.
  2. Based on circumstantial evidence, the long rumored “The Weeknd” HHN house should be announced soon. If rumors are to be believed, it might be announced on a “weekend.” Speculation experts predict it will be very soon based on teaser social media post made by Halloween Horror Nights. For the previous three announcements, similar teasers were posted near the time of the other official announcements. Since “The Weeknd’s” social media team started posting about HHN back in early April, this yet to be announced house remains looks good to go.

5. On a positive note, for HHN 2022 fans in Orlando, scare zone props began appearing over the last week or so.

Photo Credit: https://theunofficialguides.com/category/universal-orlando/
Photo Credit: https://theunofficialguides.com/category/universal-orlando/
Photo Credit: https://theunofficialguides.com/category/universal-orlando/

6.Finally, and most importantly, Halloween Horror Nights in Orlando starts September 2nd on select nights through October 31st. There will be ten HHN houses, five “official” scare zones, a Tribute Store, themed food, and enough scary fun for all.

At piratesandprincesses.net, we will update you when any HHN news drops. I will also be covering several aspects of HHN 2022 in Orlando. Feel free to watch this site for information about HHN. Of course, enjoy spooky speculation season.

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