Implications for Halloween Horror Nights with Nope Movie Set Being Added in Universal Studios Hollywood


Based on theme park blogs and podcast discussions, most everyone expected the movie, Nope, to appear at Universal Studios Hollywood. I say this based on people literally seeing set pieces being installed in Hollywood. I recall one podcast (sorry, would give credit but do not remember) saying that this would be a Halloween Horror Nights (HHN) house. This statement contrasted with some guest reports that they could see the Nope set while on tram tour.

Recently, we have confirmed news reports that Nope movie sets will be a part of the famous Universal Studios Hollywood tram tour. So, what does that mean for the speculation about Nope being part of an HHN house in Hollywood? Also, since some new players in the HHN speculation game put out a speculation map indicating a possible Nope house in Orlando, what does all this mean?

Most importantly, I must state one important disclaimer. I possess absolutely no inside information about this. This evaluation function on my brand of logic. This fails to be one of those times where I have insider information.

Okay, this is what we now right now. Jupiter’s Claim, the fictional theme park featured in the Nope movie will be a permanent part of the Universal Studios Hollywood tram tour. Jordan Peele functions as the mastermind behind this sci-fi style horror movie. We know that Jordan Peele properties have been part of Halloween Horror Nights before. Also, we know this movie involves a horse ranch/farm with some type of space alien antagonists. In addition, the movie, Nope, appears in theatres July 22nd. Of course, that serves as the first day that Universal Studios Hollywood guests can experience the Nope movie set as a part of the tram tour.

The new section of the tram tour in Hollywood involves actual portions of the sets used for the movie. Based on reports, the sets being used were carefully disassembled post-production before being reconstructed at Universal Studios Hollywood. Universal marketing wants everyone to know that this be the first time an aspect of a Universal theme park attraction and a movie release date match for an opening date

Based on all of that, in my opinion, the idea of a Nope HHN house seems less likely in Hollywood. I find it hard to believe that they would create a HHN house and make it part of tram tour at the same time. Now, the “Terror Tram” might return to Hollywood making the Nope set part of HHN in Hollywood that way.

What about Orlando? Though I have seen speculation about Nope being part of Hollywood HHN early in speculation season, I saw very little speculation about it in Orlando. I, initially, found that odd since Jordan Peele movies have been used before in Orlando. When combined with the movie coming out July 22nd this year, this intellectual property looked like an easy call. Of course, Stranger Things looked obvious also for this year. In fairness, that appears very unlikely based on current intelligence about the HHN event in Orlando.

Based on the Blumhouse HHN announcement pattern, if Nope will be a part of HHN anywhere, we should know around July 22nd when film is released. Since that would fit the timeframe for expected HHN house announcements, we shall see. Most informed sources I chatted with about this feel Nope is unlikely to happen in Orlando. Yet only time will tell. Since Universal HHN announcements have fit a two-week pattern, maybe we will know far more very soon. Whatever you wish for this spooky season, may the “Pumpkin Lord” grant your wishes. Happy Halloween Horror Nights everyone.


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