Is Halloween Horror Nights 2022 in Orlando Torturing Their Fans on Purpose?


For full disclosure, I pale in comparison to many Halloween Horror Nights authorities. Most Halloween Horror Nights (HHN) experts have forgotten more about HHN than I know. Despite that, something strange is afoot at the Circle K regarding HHN 2022 in Orlando. I formally apologize to the HHN veterans for the Bill and Ted modified line since all rumors point to the return of Halloween Nightmare Fuel as the primary show during HHN 2022. Yet, as of time of writing this, HHN 2022 begins in Orlando in seven weeks. Team member previews would start sooner than that. Currently, seven houses have not been officially announced. We know nothing official about scare zones and/or shows either. I understand in past years that HHN announcements happened in late July and early August. However, most of those years, the event started later. HHN 2022 starts before Labor Day holiday.

At this point, we have three intellectual property houses. I know many people think Universal Classic Monsters HHN house should count as an original but technically that would not be accurate. The long-rumored “The Weeknd” house still fails to be announced even though his social media basically confirmed it back in early April.

Commonly, HHN veterans would expect five intellectual property houses and five “original” themed houses. Of course, this varies based on contracts and other factors. If The Weeknd gives us four intellectual property houses, what would be the fifth one? The speculation about this has ranged from some Netflix properties, an HBO Max property, and even one movie scheduled to be released by Universal Pictures on July 22nd.

Regarding this, I possess no inside information. Still, I have been hearing for a while that Netflix agreements never really came together despite rumors to contrary. Regarding the other rumored properties, all connected sources feel those properties are out also. If all that speculation rings true then we should expect six original themed houses this year. For veteran HHN fans, this should cause very little concern. Often the original houses provide the best experience as seen by “Wicked Growth” last year.

Many HHN veterans find themselves frustrated knowing only 30% of the houses and nothing else. As of time of writing, it has been three weeks since the last HHN house announcement. Now, I suspect that behind-the-scenes drama regarding these intellectual property houses caused the delay. However, indirectly, this business/licensing issue leads to larger things torturing HHN fans.

Since Universal Orlando has been coordinating house announcements with Universal Studios Hollywood, more delays have developed. Are Orlando HHN fans waiting on a rights deal to clear up in Hollywood so another dual announcement can be made? Is it the other way around? Will the Nope movie being released on July 22nd clear the path for announcements. Even though most speculation sources have discarded the idea of a Nope house now, could this be related? Is the addition of actual prop sets from the Nope move being added to the Hollywood Tram Tour a variable in all of this? As you can read, I have more questions than answers.

Halloween Horror Nights Unleashes “The Horrors of Blumhouse,” An All-New Haunted House Inspired by Blumhouse’s Freaky and Upcoming Supernatural Thriller The Black Phone, Beginning September 2 at Universal Orlando Resort and September 8 at Universal Studios Hollywood

However, the torture for HHN fans in Orlando involves one more factor. Back when the dual coast Blumhouse HHN house announcement was made, Hollywood HHN fans learned of their multi-night ticket options. The Orlando audience still sits stewing and waiting for a chance to buy multi-night tickets. They may not have been waiting their twelve long years in Azkaban, but for some it feels that way.

Based on limited insider knowledge and some logic, the plan to announce another dual coastal house along with multi-night ticket options in Orlando got hijacked by intellectual property rights issues. That leaves many of us waiting on the chance to buy multi-night tickets longer than anticipated.

Perhaps, a surprise “The Weeknd” HHN house announcement will happen over the weekend. This might come with multi-night tickets descriptions. However, that appears unlikely. Thus, the torture goes on with 49 days and counting. Happy spooky season!

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