Walk Around Universal Orlando (Photo Report from Monday, November 7th, 2022)


With some more information about the holidays at Universal Orlando being released, I took a walk around the theme parks today. As a result, some observations could be made from my venture around the parks. I hope that you will find some of them interesting.

This report will start with the saddest news for Universal Orlando fans. Okay, maybe this will not be as sad for some fans as others. If you enjoy using your freestyle cup at Universal Orlando, then you have one less location to use it now. With the closure of Universal Studios’ Classic Monster Café, some freestyle refill locations vanished. As of the evening of Monday, November 7th, a few more disappeared.

The Bone Chillin’ food and beverage kiosk, near the former Monsters Café, looks closed permanently today. Also, the rotating monsters on top of this kiosk no longer move. The kiosk lost its freestyle refill stations also. Freestyle cup fans will need to find another place to refill their drinks. Also, fans of the former Monster Café will grieve a little bit more. For now, Universal Orlando has not announced plans for this kiosk, the former Monsters Café, and the former Shrek 4-D. Yet, all signs point to a Minion-themed café and attraction.



Over at Islands of Adventure, Thunder Falls Terrace suffered some damage. Rumors indicate that a roof leak happened. The common theory leads to this being unnoticed damage from Hurricane Ian. I cannot confirm that but lots of loud work could be heard being done behind a dark-colored tarp.

On a lighter note, a new awning appeared at Central Park Crepes today. This awning will provide some needed shade as guests wait for their made-to-order crepes here.

A few other things of note could be observed. A few more ornaments hang on the large Christmas tree. Also, the crates from “Earl’s Tree Farm” continue to pop up across the resort. In addition, the cursed Comic Strip Café displayed a closed sign at 2:00 in the afternoon.

Many more things continue to change at Universal Orlando. Someday, we will see the final products. Until then, we will enjoy Universal Orlando during the changes.

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