Thunder Falls Terrace Rice Bowl Review

thunder falls- islands of adventure

When writing articles ranking quick service dining options at Universal Orlando, Thunder Falls Terrace at Islands of Adventure consistently ranks high. When someone asks me, where to eat a quick service meal inside Universal Orlando, I usually say something like: “If you want a solid hearty meal with some nutrition, then go to Thunder Falls Terrace.”

For record, if they desire less nutrition, I send them for the pizza tots at Green Eggs and Ham.

Islands of adventure

My go-to meal at Thunder Falls Terrace provides nourishment. Also, this entrée serves as non-traditional theme park food. The boring sounding “Rice Bowl” warms my heart and stomach. This entrée costs $15.99 but more about a price issue later. Diners selecting this entrée have choice of mojo chicken, jackfruit, or roasted pernil (pork), These are served with black beans, cilantro rice, cotija cheese, fried plantains, and salsa.

thunder falls- islands of adventure

Being predicable, I usually select the chicken. The chicken holds solid flavor while also being tender. This chicken exceeds average chicken pieces you might find on an theme park salad. In fairness, there is nothing truly unique about this rice bowl. After all, rice with beans function as a solid base. However, diners rarely rush to eat rice and beans.  Still, everything tastes well prepared. The balance of flavors works well.

As mentioned, the bowl provides a hearty style meal with some actual nutrition in a theme park. Though I am not usually a fan of them, the plantains added just the right amount of sweetness to go with the chicken. Being a big fan of salsa, I love the dollop of salsa with this bowl. In my opinion, this entrée ranks as most consistent quality quick service options inside the parks. Also, the overall value ranks very high. Thunder Falls menu should also get credit for being more than just burgers, pizza, or chicken tenders.

According to the online menu on Universal’s website and menu board in Thunder Falls, this entrée will cost you $15.99 as previously mentioned. However, while edited this article, I received a notification of a new video from DIS Unplugged with a Universal Orlando show.  The main topic discussed was a review of Thunder Falls.

The hosts mentioned that the pricing appeared differently in the mobile app. Having not checked that previously, I learned that the mobile app claims the chicken rice bowl is $14.99 and the pernil or jackfruit one is $15.49. Thunder Falls does offer mobile ordering so you might be able to save some money using mobile ordering. Fair warning, Universal Orlando lack a solid track record with mobile ordering. Still, the return of mobile ordering has avoided the major disaster that mobile ordering was before.

As you might imagine, I would highly recommend Thunder Falls Terrace. If the food praise fails to entice you, viewing of the splash zone of Jurassic River Adventure exists here. Diner view the finale of Jurassic Park River Adventure while safely outside the splash zone. As with all restaurants, Thunder Falls fails perfection. Of course, if you wait for a perfect meal at the theme park resort, you will go hungry. Give this location a chance!

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