Universal Studios’ Classic Monster’s Café Menu Update


Ah, the classic monsters of Dracula and Werewolf bring nostalgic thoughts to many people. Universal deserves credit for creating those thoughts. As you can learn at Universal Studios Florida, Universal developed a thriving business in terms of the classic horror movies. In fairness, many of those horror film rank as worst ever made. Still, the legacy of the classic monsters lives on today at Universal Orlando. Personally, when I look at history of the original theme park, Universal Studios Florida, I remain surprised that the current Classic Monster’s Café was added later.

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The theming within this quick service restaurant provides a quality theme park setting. Many of the menu items feature classic monster names like mummy or vampire. Yet, the menu within this location changes often over last few years. The current style of menu focuses on BBQ type items. This BBQ menu provides a solid upgrade. Whether it is the inconsistent operating hours (currently 11-4 each day) or most guests desire to have basic burgers, fries, or pizza, this location rarely forces guest to wait too long for food.

The menu develops from two different BBQ sandwiches, one pork and one jackfruit. You can order a sausage and chicken platter., or you can get just a chicken platter. The star of this menu in various forms continues to be the Perilous Pair. Guests select two meats to go with two sides for a hearty meal. This item costs $17.99. As with most entrées here, you can upgrade to make it a combo for $4 more to get apple cobbler or pineapple for dessert.

Until recently, the perilous pair offered three meat choices: chicken, sausage, and pork. Now, you can also select brisket. This brisket can also be found on top of the smoked brisket mac and cheese menu item. When I have enjoyed the brisket here in the past, I liked it.

The return of the brisket increases he value of visiting here.

Yet, the new brisket comes back with some issues. The brisket returned but with a new recipe or formula.

I heard from one person about it and confirmed it with two other trusted sources. They all agreed this version of the brisket tastes dry and lacks proper seasoning. These comments surprised me since the BBQ sandwiches get criticism for being messy due to too much sauce and seasoning happening. Nevertheless, the brisket reportedly works better with the mac and cheese than it does by itself. If you try this item in near future, please bear this in mind.

Photo courtesy of Universal Food Blog

I love the Monster’s Café. Nevertheless, I have been disappointed with the non-existent and/or shorten hours of operation. Yes, I understand staffing and virus issues. I love that this space served sometimes as a weather shelter and team member break area to enhance social distancing. Yet, I appreciate this place being open every day now. On your next trip, you should at least pop into this place for a look around even if you choose to dine elsewhere.

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