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Cury-spiced Pizza

Plant-based food options have expanded across Walt Disney World. Connections Eatery at Epcot serves a unique plant-based Curry-spiced pizza option. Is it worth your time whether dining plant-based or not?

The land formerly known as Future World at Epcot continues to undergo a seemingly perpetual refurbishment. Connections Eatery replaced the former Electric Umbrella at Epcot. This counter service option serves standard-style fast food. However, Connection Eatery elevates that type of food to a level worth considering.

Curry-spiced Pizza

For example, Connections Eatery sells a “Curry-spiced Pizza.” This pizza costs $11.29. You receive two large slices of pizza. Unless you are a hearty food blogger, these slices are large enough to share if desired.

Curry-spiced Pizza

The menu description reads, “Two slices of Freshly Baked Pizza topped with Tikka Masala, Carrot, Potato, Peas, Tomato, Plant-based Mozzarella, and Lime ‘Yogurt.’” If this combination of ingredients sounds unappealing to you, we understand. Nevertheless, this combination of plant-based items tastes great.

In fairness, we review a large quantity of plant-based theme park food. Many of those options taste average at best. We found this plant-based pizza very appetizing. Our main criticism revolves around the crust. The crust of this pizza is very thin. That thin crust struggles to support the toppings.

Speaking of the topping, this pizza comes covered in plenty of toppings. We were surprised that the vegan “yogurt” even tasted good with this. This play on tikki masala creates a robust flavor. The criticism of plant-based food lacking flavor fails to be valid with this pizza.

The non-traditional United States pizza toppings of carrots, peas, and tomato creates a great texture. The “cheese” even brings a reasonable flavor to this pizza. In terms of theme park pizza, this might be the best option at Epcot, whether vegan or not. Since Pizza al Taglio, the pizza window at Via Napoli, only opens for about 180 days a year, this Curry-spice Pizza makes a great choice for pizza fans.

Connections Eatery also sells pepperoni, meatball, and five-cheese pizza slices. Those taste better than standard “puffy” Disney pizza. Still, we prefer this Curry-spiced Pizza over the other options.

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