French Bistro Burger at Connections Eatery in Epcot


The jokes about Epcot theme park looking like it will be under construction forever are easy to write. Thankfully, many of the walls are coming down. The new Creations Shop opened this year with a new modernistic design. The long-awaited Cosmic Rewind Guardians of the Galaxy attraction opened with mostly rave reviews (but a little issue with motion sickness). A new Connection Café and the Connections Eatery opened. The Connections Eatery brings a sleeker look for dining to the area formerly known as Future World of Epcot. Connection Eatery offers counter service dining under the umbrella of electric levels of excitement these days. This counter service location draws large crowds during peak dining hours.

In my circle of connections, I get told in various ways that the “French Bistro Burger” at Connection Eatery shows that Walt Disney World can make a decent counter service burger. This burger which comes with a side, like French fries, a side salad, or coleslaw for example,  and costs $12.99. The menu description forewarns guests that this burger features a toasted brioche bun. Most guests consider the bun to be good. However, one should not expect a high-quality table service level of brioche bun/bread for this price.

The gourmet beef blend, as menu describes the patty, comes with caramelized onions, bacon, brie cheese, mushrooms, and Dijon mayonnaise. The overall flavor rates as very solid. If you have been settling for the standard burger patty at most counter service options at Walt Disney World, try this burger. This burger may not match a true table service burger but exceeds the level Walt Disney World has been passing off as counter service burgers for years. The toppings work well with this patty. The burgers appear to be made to order versus a warming area method.

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Nothing about this burger offers something that is amazing. Still, nothing rates average or below with the burger. The fries could be better though. However, for $13 with a side, this burger tastes like a good use of your money. Maybe it is the actual plates and bowls being used instead of plastic or paper ones. Whatever it is, guests are loving this burger so far. The sides are good but nothing spectacular. Of course, we need to lower expectations for a $13 counter service meal with a solid burger.

Photo courtesy of Main Street Magic Podcast

Also, do not forget about free soft drink refills here while you are dining at Connections Eatery. This could explain why tables can be difficult to get there since people may just wait for their lightning lanes and boarding pass times sitting here enjoying free refills.

If looking for a burger when experiencing Epcot, this restaurant makes a great choice. Especially with Connection Eatery being only open a short time and Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind opening, you should expect his place to be busy.

Guests should consider mobile ordering well ahead of time with the hope of finding a table in this large indoor seating area. So far, mobile orders have been produced slower here than other Epcot counter service dining. Despite that, this well above average counter service burger, for Walt Disney World, brings hope of good dining to the area formerly known as Future World.

As always, eat like you mean it!

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