There Was A Rumored Rebellion Against Bob Chapek


The unstable nature of the Disney Corporation appeared obvious to most people in recent times. The list of difficulties that Bob Chapek faced as CEO of Disney makes a long list. However, his 999 days as CEO of Disney ended recently when Bob Iger returned as CEO of Disney. According to many reports, the leadership under Chapek voiced for many months a lack of confidence in Chapek’s leadership. According to reports, Chief Financial Officer, Christine McCarthy led the group wanting a leadership change of some type. On Sunday night, Bob Iger replaced Bob Chapek. In Iger’s first major move, he removed Kareem Daniel to eliminate a key ally of Chapek.

The worsening disgruntlement of Christine McCarthy, other leaders, and Disney customers grew even more intense over the last several weeks.  As the Walt Street Journal reported, people familiar with the matter stated that McCarthy and others often expressed their lack of confidence in Chapek.

Also, according to reports, Disney executives and investors alike had been complaining for months to Bob Iger, the former Disney CEO, about the situation. Apparently, Iger advised some executives to voice their concerns directly to the Disney board.

Then, the horrible Disney stock report came out. This appears to be the final straw that gave the leadership rebellion enough ammunition to press on.  So, a rebellion from all sides, including within, brought about the ultimate decision to remove Chapek as CEO of Disney.

Based on the list of people Iger has empowered to restructure the entire Disney Company names McCarthy, Dana Walden, Alan Bergman, and Jimmy Pitaro, looks obvious who went to the board and Iger himself. Though McCarthy has come under fire for misspeaking before, evidence supports the idea that she will be a key leader in the new Disney direction. When combined with rumors that at least one person in that list of four people is being considered for grooming as he next Disney CEO, things should be interesting over the next few weeks.

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