Disney CFO Christine McCarthy Says Disney May Shrink Food And Gets In Trouble For Body Shaming


Yesterday was Disney’s 2021 Q4 investor call. During the Q&A section of the investor call CFO Christin McCarthy admitted that Disney may have to find a way to deal with increasing food costs by increasing prices or even shrinking portion sizes and charging the same amount.

However, it wasn’t the already far overpriced food getting more expensive for guests or being made smaller at the same price points, that had people a bit angry, it was the way McCarthy said it.

Apparently she stated “We can cut portion size, which is probably good for some people’s waistlines.” And now the internet feels body shamed, because of course they do.  I just feel it’s another way Disney can price gouge people and keep making huge profits.

Twitter was quick to point out that for a company touting “diversity and inclusion” the comment from Disney’s CFO was a bit off brand.

Some are just tired of being gouged.

Imagine that. Disney higher ups and investors see guests as piggy banks and not people.

I love this one!

Actually, they will likely raise the prices or cram in one or two more per night because that’s an easy cash grab.

People are NOT happy!

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