Secret Invasion Becomes One Of Marvel’s Lowest Rated Shows


Marvel recently premiered their latest series Secret Invasion on Disney+. The series is based on the comic of the same name and revolves around Nick Fury (Played by: Samual L. Jackson) as he uncovers a conspiracy that the alien species The Skrull have infiltrated Earth’s governments and replaced high profile individuals with Skrull agents. 

Despite the potential for a good story, the series has had its own share of bad luck. The first major blow was the backlash from the show’s intro utilizing A.I. imagery. The backlash was not only a result of the continued pushback against the technology replacing human beings but also that the quality of the images was rather poor.

Now another major blow has been taken as the series is now one of the lowest-rated Marvel shows of all time. A recent report claims that the series premiere brought in only 994,000 viewers over its first five days.

In comparison, Loki brought in 2.5 Million views, Moon Knight brought in 1.8 Million views, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier brought in 1.8 Million views, WandaVision brought in 1.6 Million views, Hawkeye brought in 1.5 Million views and even the poorly rated She-Hulk brought in 1.5 Million views. The only series to do worse was Ms. Marvel, with 775,000 views. 

Marvel is not the only brand that once thrived on Disney+ to do lower numbers, as the once popular Star Wars series The Mandalorian underperformed in its third season. Not to mention the failure of the recent Willow series, which did so poorly that it was pulled from the service. The days of the blockbuster “must watch” original programming for Disney+ seem to be at an end.

Marvel’s fifth phase has seen some ups and downs, with this being it’s most recent down. We will have to wait and see if the series picks up in future episodes. Otherwise, it might be a bad omen for both Marvel and Disney+.

Source: ScreenRant

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