Savi’s Workshop Runs Out of Carrying Case and Gives Guests Plastic Bags Instead


If you are familiar with Savi’s Workshop at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, then you know about the $220, plus tax, lightsaber building experience. For that experience you come out with a lightsaber of questionable quality and a carrying case that many use as a way to bring the lightsabers home on a plane.

Well due to “supply chain issues” they have run out of the carrying cases and have switched to clear, plastic bags. I do believe Disney that it’s a supply issue. But the issue is that guests are not given a substitution or replacement and it appears they are being told that the cases were never included in the price, even though they are listed as something you get with purchase.

According to a DVC group comment shared on WDWNT Disney has rolls of plastic bags, kind of like you would see with a roll of garbage bags. She also said they stated that the plastic bag IS the carrying case and they would offer no discounts on the experience even without the actual carrying case, because the clear, plastic bag is an carrying case.


They suggested spending $50 at Dok Ondar’s Den of Antiquities for another case, which is available, or paying extra to ship the item home.

It doesn’t help that guests are saying that they are not being told of the issue until after the experience is over according to BlogMickey:

It is reportedly not communicated to guests that they will not be given a carrying sleeve either before the experience, at check-in, or at the end of the experience. Cast Members are simply staying silent. Silent, that is, unless guests ask for a sleeve. At that point, Cast Members either provide a clear plastic bag, or inform guests that they can purchase a sleeve at Dok Ondar’s Den of Antiquities for $50.

I’m sure the Cast Members stay silent because they’ve been told to do so. But people were going in expecting the full experience, with carrying case, and not being notified of the change so they could cancel if they wanted to.  By the time they find out they’ve already built the lightsaber and can’t back out.

The carrying case is still being listed as included on the websites, and I’m sorry a plastic bag is NOT the same thing.

Given all the issues that Disney has been having around Star Wars, and the people canceling reservations for the Galactic Starcruiser after seeing the now removed trailer and the “trip itinerary” it’s not a good time to behave this way.

At least give people the option of canceling, a discount on the experience, or a good sized discount on the better bags.  Something.

Knowing how Disney has been acting lately I wouldn’t put it past them to just keep the plastic bags and pocket the extra money. They already raised the prices on the lightsabers less than a year ago from $199.99 to $219.99. Anything to keep more of the money while giving the customers less.

So much for the Disney Difference!

Sources: WDWNT, BlogMickey

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