Galactic Starcruiser Hit With Massive Cancellations Following Backlash


The Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser Hotel has been met with a lot of ridicule from both the Star Wars fanbase and the theme park audience. The promotional video received large amounts of dislikes and criticism in the comment section on YouTube. So much so that the video was taken down to hide it from damaging the presentation any further. But it has since been re-uploaded on multiple other channels, creating a “Streisand effect.”

Shortly after a “welcome video” for guests was leaked online, drawing even further criticism. Some saying it looked more like Star Trek or other franchise rather than Star Wars. In all honestly the video appears so cheaply made it looks like it was filmed in someone’s apartment in front of a green screen.

The poor reception to both videos has caused a number of guests to rethink their decisions to book a stay at the $6000 LARPing Experience. Originally the calendar was full from March until June. But now it appears that almost half of March’s reservations have been opened, leading to the logical conclusion that guests were canceling their stays. Dates in April and June have also opened up.

The hotel has been hit with a lot of controversy over the lack of effort put behind the immersion. Much of the immersion this hotel promised was also promised for Galaxy’s Edge but that was scrapped. So who knows if a number of the promised visuals and effects were also cut for this hotel as well. Guest are apparently thinking that it’s not worth the prices they are asking.

Disney really needs this hotel to be a hit, or else they spent over $100 Million on what will eventually become another corporate lounge in 5 – 6 years. Some blame Bob Chapek as he was the one who cut back on the budget for Galaxy’s Edge. The continued mismanagement at the theme parks will catch up to the company when Epic Universe opens up in 2024.

The Galactic Starcruiser Hotel opens in March of 2022. Will you be staying at the Hotel not that dates are opening up?

Source: DisneyDining 

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