Disney Gives A Look At Upcoming Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser Hotel And Many Aren’t Impressed


Disney has been spending a lot of time and energy promoting their ridiculously overpriced, two-day, Star Wars LARPing experience in a themed hotel called the Halcyon aka the Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser. They released a video a few days ago and it did not go well.

How overpriced is it?

These are the starting prices:

2 Guests per cabin – $1,209 per guest/per night or $4,809 total.

3 Guests per cabin (2 Adults/1 Child) $889 per guest/per night or $5,299 total.

4 Guests per cabin (3 Adults/1 Child) $749 per guest/per night or $5,999 total.

Let me remind you this is for a stay that is indeed “2-nights” but you check in at 1PM day 1 and are out by 9:30 AM Day 3. It isn’t even two full days!

Recently a video was released that featured Imagineer Ann Morrow Johnson and The Goldbergs’ sitcom actor Sean Giambrone that showed the actual area.

HOWEVER THEY TOOK IT DOWN after people responded in a less than stellar way!

Disney took the look at the hotel people were paying for DOWN.

Not a good look.

But it’s still out there as some YouTubers reacted to it!

Here’s a look at the reaction by Star Wars Theory:

Here’s what Gizmodo said about it:

The two take a very short tour of the Starcruiser, but instead of them just talking like normal people about what people who come to the Halcyon can expect, it’s scripted and painfully unfunny. You’ve been warned. But this video also raises an important question, which is: Disney wants $6,000 for this?

Now allegedly the hotel is booked up for months. As we’ve been saying, this hotel is an experience that if people go, it will be likely be a once and done type thing.

But if being booked equates to good, then I’m going to point out that Fyre Festival was well booked too.

Part of the entertainment is Gaya which is giving me Fifth Element vibes something fierce.


It wasn’t just me that thought so:

I know many were comparing the hallways and the ship more to Star Trek than Star Wars.

Disney thinks that Star Wars has two aesthetics a Moroccan flea market and Star Trek. It’s like they are trying to hit every sci-fi look they can and like a stormtrooper they keep missing the target.

Some of the concept art did feel Star Wars to me, but not in what I’ve seen on the video.

Previously I mentioned that it’s booked up for months. This was the same thought I had on that subject.

Since the beginning when we were hearing pricing on this “experience” we were a bit concerned. It prices out a lot of people and much of what they are now charging for was supposed to be included in Galaxy’s Edge. That was scrapped and ended up in a massively upcharged hotel.

But what concerns me the most now is that Disney took the video down. The hotel is already scheduled to open on March 1, 2022 so it’s a bit late to change it all now. Unless they are hoping to bury it so people don’t cancel trips and / or forget what they saw.

Who knows.

To be fair we only saw a couple parts of the experience. They haven’t shown us too much about various things like character interactions and lightsaber training and so on. It’s possible other aspects are better.

But it’s not a good look or an encouraging thing that they took the video down.

I think a lot of people are going to wait for reviews because that is a lot of money to lay down for something that isn’t good. I would suggest listening to reviews from those that aren’t on Disney’s shill team. If they like it, then I have more faith that it’s truly worth the cost.

What do you think? Comment and let us know!

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