Once Sold Out Disney’s Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser Hotel Has Lots of Availability


Back when Disney opened up reservations for their new Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser hotel the excitement and frenzy led to it being booked up the first three months. Opening in early March, there was virtually no availability from March-May. Things were looking good, and then the cancellations started.

About a month ago Disney gave a sneak peek at the upcoming hotel and it did not go as they had foreseen. In fact the cancelations and backlash hit so hard and fast that they pulled the video down.

Afterwards they did add some more “first looks” with a peek at the Halcyon commander Captain Keevan, which fans immediately nicknamed “Captain Karen.” And more cancelations hit.

Then another video was went to those with reservations for the hotel. This one showcased supposed travel agent, Representative Endario Zinn, talking about the ship and what guests might expect.  It too was met with questions and more availability opening up.

Since all of this began in December, all those booked up months have come open and there is a lot of room for anyone that would like to spend the $4,800 – $6,000+ price for two nights and less than 48 hours.

To be fair, there is often availability a few months out with most Disney offerings. But with this supposedly being such a “Must Do” for Star Wars fans, I’m surprised the first six months or more is not booked. It could also be due to COVID fears and travel restrictions.

There is also the financial fears people are facing coming into 2022 with inflation possibly going up considerably and money being tighter for many.

A lot of people might be afraid of the level of interaction as well. Not everyone is someone who enjoys that kind of in depth experience. Although Disney is really pushing towards LARPers, with this and with ‘Hawkeye’ it’s still a limited market.  However, I did find it interesting that Disney is clearly pushing for that demographic, likely because they spend money, make better costumes than Disney does, and are loyal to their fandoms.

Even that isn’t enough to book up this hotel. Maybe Disney should have thought this one through better. The cost is extremely prohibitive and for many it will be a “one and done” type situation. Maybe going after the rich “whales” wasn’t the way to go.

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