James Mangold Denies Indy 5 Reshoot Reports


For a while now Indiana Jones 5 director, James Mangold, has seemingly been on the defense against any rumors or news regarding production troubles behind the scenes.

Many rumors have been going around that the end of Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny will feature Indiana Jones dying and Phoebe Waller-Bridge taking over as the franchise’s main hero. But he has denied any such rumors despite multiple outlets reporting on it with their own sources.

We have also had multiple people who “claimed” to have taken part in a test screening and many of their stories sound quite similar. Yet again Mangold denied any such screenings ever took place.

Now it appears that another piece of possible Indiana Jones news has been shot down.

Recently legendary film composer John Williams spoke at an event in Milan, Italy where he stated that the film will possibly be shooting an additional ending. He was recorded saying the following to the crowd:

So we have just about completed the film. We have maybe another ending to shoot and record in a couple of weeks.”

This made many speculators online go wild, calling it a reaction to the negative online reception from the supposed “leaks”.

However, Mangold almost immediately responded to the online frenzy surrounding the quote. He stated on his Twitter account:

There is the possibility that the John Williams quote may have been misheard. By “another ending to shoot and record” may revolve solely around the orchestra and not the filming. Or perhaps it’s another attempts to cover up any possible leaks for the film.

Whatever the case the fifth and final Harrison Ford Indiana Jones film releases June 30th, 2023. Hopefully it will be a good finale to the franchise and not anything like the recent leaks/rumors have suggested.

What do you think? Was John Williams misquoted? 

Source: Variety

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