RUMOR: Indy 5 Reshooting Ending Ahead Of 2023 Release?



The fifth and final installment of the Indiana Jones series is set to release next year and its production hasn’t been an easy one. The first big hit came back in 2020 when series’ long time director Steven Spielberg quit the project after “creative differences” and was replaced with James Mangold.

The second big hit came with the multiple delays. Originally meant for a 2019 release but then set for 2020 the COVID-19 Pandemic lead to even more delays. The date was then moved to July 2021, then July 2022 and is currently set for June 2023. The film was reportedly finished in early 2022 but they still chose to delay an entire year.

The latest hits came with numerous leaks about the film’s plot and poor reception from test audiences. Though James Mangold has denied these rumors, these “leaks” have come from multiple different sources and all sound very alike in their description. 

And now there is apparently a very big update coming to the production. Despite being almost 6 months away it appears that a brand new ending is being shot for this film.

Now a new rumor from YouTube commentator Overlord DVD was mentioned in one of his latest videos about the production of the Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny. He gave us audio from legendary composer John Williams. 

The audio was said to have been recorded on December 12th while he was performing with the Teatro alla Scala Orchestra in Milano, Italy. In the audio the 90 year old composer stated about the film:

So we have just about completed the film. We have maybe another ending to shoot and record in a couple of weeks“.

So from the man himself it seems that Disney and Lucasfilm could be rushing together a new ending for the film, seemingly in response to the online backlash the leaks have gotten. They probably don’t want another Rise of Skywalker on their hands.

If true, it’s hopefully a sign that Disney is listening to the fans and are trying to rush together another ending that won’t upset the long time fanbase. Disney needs all the box office revenue they can get, and letting Indy 5 (a film that was apparently super expensive with all the delays and reshoots) become another bomb is not an option.

Of course, it is all just a rumor as nothing has been confirmed.

What do you think? Did Disney finally listen to the fans? Are we going to get a better ending than what was leaked after all?

Source: Overlord DVD

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