Halloween Sweet Corn Soft Serve Ice Cream in Magic Kingdom


During my theme park writing time, I noticed that my reviews of items I tried at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party have been mostly negative. I have been attempting to review these Halloween food items in the order I purchased them. However, this dining review revolves around the safest thing to eat at the Magic Kingdom, ice cream. This was my last Halloween themed item during my time at the Halloween Party. For Halloween season, Auntie Gravity’s Galactic Goodies offers two special menu items. You can buy the “Not So Poison Apple Milkshake.” However, if getting a Halloween themed treat at Magic Kingdom, I would select the “Sweet Candy Corn Soft-Serve Swirl Cone.”

This ice cream cone costs $5.49. You can purchase this during Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party and during regular park operating hours. This dessert features sweet corn and vanilla soft-serve swirl topped with a small candy corn chocolate bow. If this description sounds way less extravagant than other Halloween themed items at Magic Kingdom, then I explained it correctly.

Nothing about this dessert ranks as incredible. Still, with one possibly unfair exception, nothing about this dessert ranks as poor either. The vanilla and sweet corn soft serve combine to make this taste like candy corn. The candy corn bow chocolate piece makes a nice touch for photos and general appearance. However, the “bow” seemed rather small to be a featured component of this dessert. That candy piece tasted average also. The overuse of white chocolate pieces with many of the Halloweens treats this year causes this one to taste just adequate.

The best aspect of this treat involves the portion size. I may have been facing weakened taste buds after the “Hades Hot Dog.” Yet, this ice cream cone meets a reasonable portion size. In fact, I did not finish all of it.

This leads me to the biggest negative of this ice cream cone. The main reason I probably did not finish this treat was related to serving ice cream in Florida. Even though it may have been after 10pm when I ordered this, the temperature melted the ice cream quickly. The poor standard cone holding the ice cream could not take it. Now, you can order this in a bowl. That might be the wise choice based on ice cream melting all over my hands while I attempted to take a photo and enjoy eating it.

Despite that, this Halloween treat ranks as simple. Still, sometime simple makes for a good theme park experience. As always, eat like you mean it!


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