Review of The Hades Hot Dog At Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party


In past experiences at Magic Kingdom, I have enjoyed most sauces entitled “Hades.” Of course, this is odd since I know that the place of the dead, Sheol or Hades, does not connect to spice or fire. However, I doubt Walt Disney World would like to create their own “Hell-Fire” club food item. Many “Spooky” themed items at Magic Kingdom feature “Hades” flavor. Two different hot dogs this year offer some serious “kick.” One of them gets sold at The Friar’s Nook at Magic Kingdom.

The “Hades Hot Dog” costs $9.99. This hot dog offers a spicy beef and pork hot dog, Hades’ relish, and pickles served with house-made violet mustard. This food item can only be purchased during Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party this year.

The most obvious feature of this hot dog revolves around the violet mustard. Seriously, have you ever tasted violet mustard? I will let you in on a secret. This violet mustard tastes just like standard mustard. The violet color comes from dye apparently. For the record, the mustard adds very little to this hot dog.

The Hades relish disappointed me. On the night I tried it, it lacked flavor. Yes, the relish offers some “kick” but not much else. The “Hades” relish provided some vinegary power also. I did not find that pleasant.

So, the mustard was just average, and the relish failed, what about the beef and blend hot dog? The hot dog offers some spice within. I attempted to scrape off all the relish and mustard to see if the hot dog deserved merit. Sadly, I found nothing but average quality. After my taste buds experienced the relish and mustard, they may have been damaged. For the record, I could not even finish this hot dog due to low quality and horrible overall flavor.

On the positive side, this hog dog offers legitimate spice. The spice level exceeds normal theme park by a significant amount. This hot dog comes with tater tots (or potato barrels if you prefer). The tater tots tasted okay but nothing special. Some guests found this menu item to be good value for under $10.

If your desire causes you to taste “spicy hot” flavor on a hot dog, this would be for you. If you want anything else, skip this one. As always, eat like you mean it!


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