After Gina Carano, Rosario Dawson is Probably the Next Target of the Twitter Cancel Culture Mob


In 2020 actress Rosario Dawson took up the role of fan favorite Star Wars character Ahsoka Tano for the Disney+ series The Mandalorian.

Many fans were mixed at first and many wanted her original Voice Actress, Ashley Eckstein, to do the role, her debut was met with much praise and love from long time fans of the character. Though sadly a dark shadow known as “Cancel Culture” may be seeking to engulf her.

Earlier this year actress Gina Carano was unceremoniously fired from The Mandalorian for “Controversial Tweets” and was attacked on all sides by SJWs and even employees at Disney and Lucasfilm.

She found out she was fired through social media so Lucasfilm wasn’t even courteous enough to tell her themselves. This has lead many to speculate that Kathleen Kennedy herself was behind the termination as she is reportedly out to get Jon Favreau and his production for making her High Republic look bad.

The Hate Mob has recently been calling for Rosario Dawson’s firing as well due to them not liking her past tweets either, saying how she is “Transphobic” yet there is very little evidence to suggest it is true.

Still, many fans are worried that the same mob who went after Gina will go after Rosario as well and Kathleen Kennedy doing her best to sabotage Jon Favreau’s show into making him quit.

This shows the huge divide at Lucasfilm, with light being shed on the situation by the interview Gina gave on The Daily Wire at how many are afraid to speak up.

The Lucasfilm Civil War, or now should we call it “Un-Civil War”, has done almost unredeemable damage to the Star Wars Brand, and with the recent controversy surrounding the firing of Gina has lead to many Disney+ Customers canceling their subscriptions, and all the loyal fans telling Disney to fix the situation only to have their pleas fall onto deaf ears.

The only way to send a clear message to Disney is to not buy their products or subscribe to their service, hit them where it hurts, and that’s in the wallet. 

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