Disney Imagineer, Chris Kidder, Celebrates Firing of Gina Carano


Recently we were alerted to a Disney Imagineer who was mocking Disney Park fans who took issue with barges in World Showcase Lagoon that really damage the beauty of Epcot. But it didn’t take us long to find out that this Imagineer had some revealing tweets about Gina Carano that may give us insight into the view within the company. This doesn’t appear to be a low-level employee either… he has correspondence in his Twitter feed with legendary former-Imagineer Joe Rohde.

Here are the tweets:

And just in case those tweets are deleted, we screen captured them:

Looking at this person’s Twitter feed, I’ve gotta say, this reminds me of researching the individuals in the “Story Matters” group that is working on such grandiose concepts as labeling the Muppets “racist”. There’s something wrong with these people. Chris Kidder’s Twitter page for the past six months is post after post after post about how evil Trump and Republicans are and how incredible Joe Biden is. It’s one thing to be political, but my gosh. We’re not here to bash on either Democrats or Republicans, or to tell you one party is better than the other. But if you spend your days tweeting non-stop in a religious like fervor, then something is not aligned well in the way you perceive the world and your life.

Why is Disney hiring people like this? If someone posted non-stop every single day over and over about Trump being a saint and Democrats being evil, there’s no way I’m hiring that person. This goes both ways. But this is what I’m seeing over and over as I look into Disney’s current crop of “talent”. It is cultish and scary to see this many people working for Disney in places of influence who have very little nuance or understanding of the world, and are far, far, far left partisans. These aren’t traditional liberals in my opinion.

So there you go. When you go to Disney Parks, just remember… people like Chris don’t seem to believe people with opinions similar to Gina Carano should be allowed to work for Disney. I’m amazed they haven’t outright told guests of similar views they’re not welcome in Epcot or Magic Kingdom, except they’ll take your money to pay people like Chris Kidder.


UPDATE 3/2 7:26 AM EST
We have seen that Bounding into Comics is reporting that Chris Kidder told them he did not work for Disney at the time of his tweets in December. When we originally reported this in very late February, Kidder’s bio on Twitter and LinkedIn accounts did not reflect this change in employment to the best of our knowledge. Bounding into Comics has reflected similarly. Our reporting on Kidder’s Twitter feed remains accurate to the best of our knowledge, and we’re not sure what’s going on with his employment; perhaps he quit, perhaps he was let go, perhaps he is now contracted and can technically be self-employed. Whatever the case, at the time of this article, his self-labeling as an Imagineer was still present in his Twitter bio several months after he claims he had stopped working for Disney. We look forward to an update from Mr. Kidder as to his employment situation, wish Mr. Kidder no ill will, and hope he will consider in the future moderating his stances… whether using laughing emojis at Epcot fans critiquing work he may have been involved with, or applauding the termination of another’s employment.

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