#CancelDisneyPlus Trends on Twitter After Disney Fires Gina Carano


In what can only be described as one of the worst business decisions a company has made in a while, Disney has fired Gina Carano, caving to an ultra small minority of Twitter users, and essentially declaring war with at least half their own fans. Just prior to Disney’s February report to stockholders, the company will now have to defend their actions that have caused #CancelDisneyPlus to trend as one of the top hashtags of Twitter.

The goodwill that had been earned by the two seasons of The Mandalorian is now surely washed up. Disney+, whose movie streaming statistics are bloated due to the fact that the service is used as a babysitting tool for children to soak hours upon hours watching Frozen, will almost certainly suffer as fans in both the conservative and classical liberal camps begin to realize that Disney has no interest in hiring or making content for people like them. I can only imagine the hundreds and thousands of hours of YouTube videos that will crank out in utter revolt against Disney+. This is a further erosion of the idea that the United States can have apolitical material that all fans can enjoy.

So, this is the Lucasfilm and Disney that we have:

We have a company that uses slave labor to sell their wares at very low prices. We have a company that actively seeks to remove people of a political position that about half the nation identify with. We have a company that thanks the Chinese Communist Party and films near concentration camps. We have a company that will fire an actress when she points out that the Nazi-era Germans were taught to hate Jews before genocide could take place, but will simultaneously hide black actors in advertisements in order to make more money in places that despise people of African descent.

This is not the Disney company founded by Walt Disney. This is an anti-American, anti-freedom, global corporation that uses slave labor, divides the United States, and befriends dictatorships employing genocide. At some point, we all have to decide how much of this we can tolerate. All I can tell you is that from a business standpoint, you would have to be utterly insane to begin blowing up the fandom you have for The Mandalorian in order to placate the dismally tiny crowd that wants The High Republic style material. And the fallout here is huge — what happens if you have Filoni or Favreau walk, while Kennedy stays in power? Good grief what horrible, horrible management.

Whether Disney’s plan works is for you, the reader, to decide. Let us know how you feel in the comments below.

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