Everglazed Strawberry Iced Doughnut with Sprinkles Review

everglazed disney springs

In the never-ending battles of “pink” doughnuts served at Orlando area theme park resorts, Everglazed doughnuts submitted an entry. Okay, maybe this contest works as unofficial among theme park food bloggers. Voodoo offered the best “pink” doughnut in previous taste testing.

On a most recent trip, I enjoyed some Everglazed doughnuts over at Disney Springs. On this day, I had the STK Wagyu burger for lunch. Then, I wanted some dessert. I mobile-ordered an unsweetened Starbucks drink. After that, I made my way to Everglazed Doughnuts.

If you are unfamiliar with Everglazed, this place fulfills the role of themed doughnut shop. The large difference for Everglazed, however, relates to fact that these donuts are large. If you are visualizing an average size grocery store doughnut, please prepare for bigger.

Since I planned to review numerous doughnuts from Everglazed, I started with one of the most reasonable size doughnuts here. I selected the “Strawberry Iced Doughnut.” However, I suspect you knew that already. This doughnut falls under what Everglazed calls their classic doughnuts. These doughnuts cost $4.75 each.

everglazed disney springs
So how was the doughnut? As you might expect, I loved the sprinkles on top. Of course, I love sprinkles on doughnuts. This “pink” style doughnut costs far more than the two Universal Orlando versions but easily provides twice as much doughnut. The doughnut itself holds together very well. Yet, the strawberry flavor in the Everglazed version rates as far more subtle than other similar doughnuts. In contrast to other Everglazed doughnuts, one does not need a fork to enjoy then without making a huge mess. This doughnut tasted good, but one could easily question if it was worth almost $5. Yet, this is Walt Disney World so higher prices should be expected.

Finally, I still prefer the Voodoo Doughnut version in terms of flavor and value. If you go to Everglazed, I suggest you go for one of their more extravagant doughnuts. The flavors here exceed anything other theme park doughnuts shops offer. With doughnuts like Peanut Butter Explosion and S’mores Galore, you can see that Everglazed serves as a taste adventure (if you can handle the sugar). Everglazed does these extravagant doughnuts very well.

As always, eat like you mean it!

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