$10 Burger at Walt Disney World?


When many people think of theme park resort food, they think of burgers and fries. Yes, burgers and fries commonly appear on theme park resort menus. However, theme park resorts offer some of the best burgers you can find. However, with these burgers, a higher price tag must be paid. One can easily spend $20 or more for a quality burger on Walt Disney World property. My concern for theme park resort visitors involves people paying high dollars for an average burger. Is it possible to purchase a decent burger at Walt Disney World for about $10? Since we are talking about decent burgers, that eliminates most burgers in the theme parks.

STK steakhouse Feb 2022 lunch menu

However, a Disney Springs restaurant offers a solid burger for $10. In fairness, this price may only be acquired during lunch hours (11am-3pm as of the time of writing). Of the approximately 22 Disney Spring restaurants that offer burgers, you will probably need several guesses to determine which restaurant offers this.

View from outdoor seating at STK Steakhouse

However, STK Steakhouse serves a “Wagyu Burger & Fries” for $9.99. This $9.99 lunch priced burger features a 7-ounce burger patty. The standard toppings, such as lettuce, tomato, onion, and American cheese, cover the burger patty. Also, STK will be happy to add other toppings for an additional fee. For $3 each, you can add grilled onions, egg, or bacon. Avocado costs $3.50 to add.

Also, each burger comes with a side of special sauce and a side of ketchup. In my opinion, the “special sauce” makes an adequate condiment. However, the flavor provides nothing more than any mixing of standard burger condiments would provide. I also dipped my fries into the special sauce. I found it nice but nothing special. Also, the fries tasted okay but nothing fabulous.

So how was the burger itself? The portion size exceeds standard expectations for a $10 burger with fries. The burger patty offers solid seasoning. Still, the burger flavor rates at a level that would be expected for a standard table service burger. The bun held the burger together well. Yet, the bun provides standard flavor.

Based on my lunch experience at STK, I will mention a few other thoughts about this. For those of us with diet soda addictions, you should know STK only has Diet Coke (sad!). The outdoor seating area here offers good views and comfortable dining. The wait staff perform their duties very well. However, the wait staff told me STK does not accept Disney gift cards. Please bear this in mind if you plan to use a gift card.

Finally, I heard amazing things about this burger. My experience failed to live up to that level of expectations.  Still, this burger provides incredible value for a theme park resort burger. We are talking about a decent sized burger with fries for only $10. Several of the best burgers on Walt Disney World property will cost you twice that amount easily. In my opinion, this burger provides an excellent option for groups with a picky eater for lunch, but the rest of the group wants more upscale food. If you are having a non-park day at Disney Springs, STK Steakhouse offers a solid cost-effective option for the burger lover in your group.

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