Everglazed Chocolate Frosted Doughnut at Disney Springs


Doughnuts function as iconic food in USA culture. As we learn in life, everybody likes the person who brings doughnuts to the office. Perhaps, we desire to watch our weight, so we skip the doughnuts. However, we still appreciate the person getting the doughnuts.

In the confusing world of Orlando area intellectual property theme park rights, doughnuts connect to two iconic fictional characters. One, Homer Simpson loves his doughnuts. Two, in the movie Ironman 2, Nick Fury specifically says to Ironman, ““Stark, I’m going to have to ask you to exit the doughnut!” Focus groups tell us that the average person loves seeing their heroes having a doughnut to eat just like them.  Doughnuts help us feel comfortable.

One of the most iconic doughnuts is the chocolate frosted type. Yes, the standard glazed doughnut outranks that type in terms of sales. Still, chocolate frosted doughnuts continue to be popular. So, what would a chocolate frosted doughnut taste like from a theme park resort doughnut place?


Recently, I ordered a chocolate frosted one at Everglazed in Disney Springs. At Everglazed, they call it Chocolate Iced. This doughnut falls under the category of classic doughnuts. This means it costs $4.75. In fairness, Everglazed doughnuts are far larger than your average doughnut.

So how was it? The yeast style doughnut base tasted fine and provided a solid medium for the chocolate icing. Based on nature of the chocolate frosting, this doughnut provides a potential messy factor. I would suggest eating this doughnut with a fork to avoid the unpleasantness. The quality of the chocolate flavor did not impress me. The flavor was good but far from great when I ate it. Of all the doughnuts I have eaten in Orlando area theme park resorts, this possessed least flavor overall. The doughnut tasted very plain, especially for a $4.75 doughnut. When you contrast that to the much smaller Voodoo Doughnuts “Chocolate Ring” doughnuts for $1.75, the value does not shine with this Everglazed offering.


In conclusion, Everglazed offers some fabulous doughnuts. My new favorite doughnut resides at Everglazed. However, this chocolate doughnut lacks any “wow” factor. As I have said before, when going to Everglazed, spend the extra money on a specialty doughnut. The higher priced doughnuts show off what Everglazed does well. The classic/basic style doughnuts here offer very little in terms of value. As you might expect, I would skip this one.

In my opinion, these rank the lowest of the classic/basic doughnuts offered at Everglazed. You have been warned.

As always, eat like you mean it!

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