Peanut Butter Explosion Doughnut from Everglazed Disney Springs


If you have heard me on theme park podcasts and/or read several of my reports from February trip to Disney Springs area, you know I consumed far too much sugar. Gideon’s Bakehouse cookies were consumed. Some excellent desserts from the American Kitchen Bar and Grill at The B Resort and Spa amazed my taste buds. Also, I had a few doughnuts from Everglazed. All of this was before enjoying far too many sweet treats at Universal Orlando for their Mardi Gras celebration. I know you feel bad for me. However, these things happen for you, the reader, to avoid bad food and seek out good stuff.

Before I present the review of this doughnut, I would like to tell a short story. Once upon a time, there was a teenager who traveled often. He displayed at least above average ability swinging a racquet. As a result of that, he sometimes ordered peanut butter cups sent to his hotel room on a corporate credit card. Let us just say, he enjoyed peanut butter and especially peanut butter cups.

That young man as an old grey hair man, if he visited Everglazed at Disney Springs, would love the Peanut Butter Explosion doughnut. Clearly, this doughnut functions as the peanut butter cup fan’s dream. This doughnut costs $6.50. However, it might be worth it for a peanut butter cup fan. This donut offers a wide variety of positive flavors. This yeast style donut gets covered by frosting, peanut butter cups, and peanut butter chips.


The quality of the peanut butter cups easily passed my inspection and approval.  The frosting on top of this doughnut sparks the flavor of this doughnut. Even by itself, the frosting tasted good. This doughnut offers far more peanut butter flavor than I expected.

For record, that previous statement does not count as a complaint. This donut looks impressive. Though I failed to get a decent photo of this, the “stuff” on top of the yeast doughnut pressed it down a significant amount. Despite that, the yeast doughnut portion tasted pretty good. The yeast doughnuts at Everglazed display better quality in morning hours as opposed to afternoon or evening.

This doughnut qualifies as a true fork and knife doughnut. I would not suggest eating this like your average grocery store doughnut. For record, I ate entire doughnut. I enjoyed every bite. However, I would not encourage others to do that.

If you are visiting Disney Springs looking for doughnuts, Everglazed makes a great choice. Yes, $6.50 makes an expensive choice for a doughnut. Still, I would recommend this for any peanut butter fan. I would highly suggest this doughnut over the more standard style doughnuts offered at Everglazed. This may be my new favorite theme park resort doughnut (sorry Voodoo Doughnut).

As always, eat like you mean it!

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