Disney Ending College and Exchange Programs And Sending People Home


**Update** Apparently Disney Cultural Exchange Program cast members can stay longer:


As an update to an earlier article we did about some employees not getting paid during the closure, due to working through another company.

But now we are hearing that people in the Disney College Program, and if they are from the country they are being told that they have until March 18th at 11AM to “collect their belongings and depart.”

We are now hearing it’s the following programs:

The Disney College Program, Disney Culinary Program, Disney’s Cultural Exchange Program, and Disney’s Academic Exchange Program

Here’s what we were sent by a source:

Reportedly no College Program Cast Members will be working during the closure, but if it is just a 2-week closure, why would those individuals be sent home? At that point, we are talking a week and a half from the time they need to leave by.

So either it’s a matter of safety over housing. Or if travel shuts down how would they get home? But if they are in fact ending all the College Program participants program then what happens when it re-opens in two weeks? Unless, perhaps, like the Asian parks, they think it might be longer than 2-weeks?

Each participant is being given a “successful program completion” which would indicate they would not be returning.

I have also heard rumors that the Disney hotels at Walt Disney World might close soon too. Of course none of these have been confirmed other than by Cast Member reports, but some sources I know are reputable.

From the outside looking it, this seems like they are expecting closures to last more than 2 weeks.

Safe travels to all those being sent home. We hope you can all return home safely.

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Sources: Friends.

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