As Walt Disney World Closes, Will ALL Employees Get Paid for Lost Time?

(Photo Credit: Disney)

In an unprecedented move to stave off the spread of COVID-19, the Walt Disney Company is closing down Walt Disney World and Disneyland until at least the end of the month.

The company has stated that employees would be paid for this unexpected downtime… but it seems like their might be a few unfortunate exceptions.

On Twitter, an anonymous Disney Cast Member who works in EPCOT’s Mexico Pavilion is claiming that they will not get paid for the next few weeks.

According to a Twitter user going by the username CRPDisneyAlone, they were part of the Cultural Representation Program in EPCOT and are not covered by the same policies U.S. Cast Members are.

The employee did post an update that Disney will cover housing, however.

The financial damage done to Disney and its Cast Members could be much worse than Disney is letting on.

Yes, closing the parks was the right thing to do given the severity of the COVID-19 outbreak.

But this raises an important question: Will all Disney employees get paid during downtime?

What about non-standard employees or people working for a third party (like non-Disney owned restaurants) or even contractors, like those who work at the various caricature booths around the resorts?

It’s a tough question, and it’s likely that Disney itself won’t have all the answers right now as this situation is truly unprecedented for the company.

What if the Disney Parks stay closed longer than announced?

This is a very real possibility. Tokyo Disneyland was supposed to open today, but is now extending its closure.

It’s quite possible that Walt Disney World and Disneyland could stay closed longer than announced, and it’s unclear if Disney has a plan for anything beyond the next two weeks.

Let’s just hope that isn’t the case, for all involved.

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