What Is The Future Of The Pirates Of The Caribbean Franchise?


The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise is one of Disney’s most valuable brands earning with all five films earning an estimated $4.5 Billion at the worldwide box office altogether. Ever since the first film back in 2003 millions have always looked forward to another journey with Captain Jack Sparrow.

The last film in the franchise was in 2017 and despite not being as critically well received as previous installments many saw it as a decent sendoff to the franchise.

However there were plans for a sixth film, up until Johnny Depp was accused by Ex-Wife Amber Heard of domestic abuse causing him to loose multiple roles in major franchises, including Pirates. Since then a deformation trial was had and Depp won, proving that he himself was the victim of abuse and not the other way around.

Despite this legal victory Depp has asserted that he would only consider returning to the role of Jack Sparrow if Disney paid him $300 Million and one million alpacas. In other words he made an improbable demand knowing that Disney would not offer him that amount.

Outside of Depp there were plans for a female-lead spin-off film with Margot Robbie attached as the lead role. The rumors were that she would be portraying Red the Pirate, a character that was part of a “controversial update” to the Pirates of the Caribbean theme park ride. However that ship has sunk as Robbie recently stated that Disney had canceled that project. The film was most likely a casualty of Disney’s recent cost-cutting measures.

Another rumor suggested that a film starring pro-wrestler turned actor Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson as the lead role. Johnson not only has history acing in Disney films such as voicing Maui in 2016’s Moana and starring in 2021’s Jungle Cruise, but also in a recent business partnership between ESPN and his recently acquired XFL Football League.

Whatever the future is, it should be known that long time film producer Jerry Bruckhimer, known for producing both Pirates of the Caribbean and National Treasure, has been outspoken is his desire to bring Depp back. So perhaps we may see Jack Sparrow at least one more time. But only time will, and as they say “time heals”.

What do you think? Will Depp eventually return or do you think Disney will hit the reset button on the entire franchise?

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