Universal Orlando’s Donkey Roasts Disney in Epic Tik Tok “Tirade”


Universal is on a roll when it comes to roasting Disney on social media. Their Twitter account has become notorious for throwing shade and now a Tik Tok account was there to interact and catch Donkey from “Shrek” throwing it down in a “tirade.”  I guess Epic Universe isn’t the only thing epic at Universal.

Now, it’s a lot of what we’ve been saying ourselves, that being said, maybe Disney should step it up for their Cast Members.


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It starts off with Donkey asking them where they work and they say “Magic Kingdom.”

Donkey follows with “Wait you still work there?

The Disney employee – “It pays the bills. What do you mean?

Here comes Donkey:

I’m just surprised anybody still works there. I mean they laid everybody off Dude. 
They were like employees? What? We don’t have any of those. Bye

Universal was like “oh we got you” Disney was like we don’t care….sorry our investors….our stockholders are way more important to us than you guys. Get out of here.

The amused Disney employee responds with “We got our fireworks though, we got our fireworks

Donkey continues:

Oh Yeah that’s so great….Yeah like we’re going to spend ten grand a night on fireworks, but, uh, employees and benefits, forget that, like nah.  I can’t believe you went back to them like a crazy ex. 
No they like cut everybody off and left us to fend for ourselves, but you know what I would go back to them, they were nice (shakes puppets head “No”)

Disney can’t get too mad as CEO Bob Chapek, then Chairman of Parks, Experiences, and Products, threw shade at the long lines for the opening of Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure saying:

One of the wins that we had with the opening of the original Galaxy’s Edge is that we didn’t have the waits. The deep secret is that we don’t intend to have lines … If you build in enough capacity, the rides don’t go down and it operates at 99% efficiency, you shouldn’t have 10-hour lines. So, 10-hour lines are not a sign of success. It should be seen as a sign of, frankly, failure.

So Disney has also gone after Universal publicly before and it was an executive not a costumed team member.

As to what Donkey said.

Disney did pay their employees for a time until they stopped and furloughed them. However, many Cast Members complained that they had gotten somehow messed up in the unemployment system after they were auto enrolled by Disney and had a very hard time getting money.

Disney executives took temporary pay cuts, which some complained about, and the CFO got a new contract with millions in potential bonuses.  All while Cast Members and their union formed a food pantry to help the employees in need.

So it’s easy to understand why Donkey, and other past or current Cast Members might be salty. At the end of the day it’s the Cast Members and Team Members that bring the magic to the theme parks! They are the ones putting up with the mandates and backlash from on high.  I can understand why they would be a bit salty after everything that happened.  Yet many are still there, smiling, and making your trip magical.

Thank a Cast Member and be kind.  They have put up with a lot and they they still love their jobs and come to work to make it amazing for you.

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Source: Dancingtojazz on TikTok,  John S.

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