Almost 77, 000 Walt Disney World Workers Could Get Auto-Enrolled Into Unemployment System

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Yesterday news stations were reporting that the almost 77,000 Walt Disney World employees that are set to get furloughed on April 19th, could get auto-enrolled into the unemployment system. This of course is not sitting well with the thousands of other workers who have been trying to get enrolled into the system and can’t because it’s already overwelmed.

Governor Desantis offered this solution yesterday, in an attempt to try and keep the system from collapsing.

He did state that this would not put Walt Disney World employees at the “front of the line.”

They wouldn’t get any special place in line — whoever is applying is going to go through that way. But I think when you know you’re going to have a massive amount of people from one employer that’s announced, if we can work with them to get that information and get it through the system, I think that would probably be better for everyone.

However, it could move some ahead as many of those that have been laid off already can’t even get “in line.”

It really seems like a no-win situation for the state.

Desantis is trying to mitigate any further collapse an infusion of 77,000 people could do to the already crumbling system, but it’s really not fair to those who already can’t get through to even input their information.

The Orlando Sentinel even gives an example:

Scott Reinhardt applied for unemployment in Florida’s system 15 days ago “and there is no indication in sight yet about when he’ll receive the $275 a week maximum payment the state offers, one of the lowest payments in the nation.

Meanwhile, in Arizona, his 26-year-old son, Brian, got his check — plus the federal stimulus of $600 a week — within five days of applying for unemployment.

They also said “The department also is still embroiled in fixing the system so that the waves of newly unemployed following the coronavirus outbreak can apply at all.

It’s the stories like this one that make people question about the fairness and validity of the idea that auto-enrollment won’t create a system that allows some to jump ahead.

But how can the government add them into the system when it keeps failing?

Spectrum News 13 explained saying: “Essentially, information for the Disney workers could be put into the system by the state during times when fewer people are trying to use the system.

If this works, they will likely use it for other large groups that furlough at once like what will likely happen with Universal Orlando employees, on May 3rd.

Governor DeSantis has said that they are making progress on the “hundreds of thousands of unemployment claims,” but according to the Orlando Sentinel he “wasn’t more specific” on what that meant and the organization that handles the claims, The Department of Economic Opportunity, haven’t responded to inquiries either.

It is important to note that the federal funds via the CARES Act, which will boost payments $600 a week, began going out on Tuesday, April 14, 2020.  This now allows self-employed individuals, independent contractors, and gig economy workers to apply for the $600 a week in federal funds. Prior to these funds they couldn’t apply as they were not eligible for the state funded unemployment of up to $275 a week.

No matter how you slice it, it’s a big mess. I can see both sides of the argument on this one. I just hope those that have been waiting truly do get through, as the the Walt Disney World employees. We are having similar issues with the unemployment system in Pennsylvania right now and it’s a mess for a lot of people.

Hopefully it all works out as they hope, but if it doesn’t, I expect there to be backlash from a lot of individuals.

What do you think? Comment and let us know!

Sources: Orlando Sentinel, Spectrum 13 News.

Featured Image: Politico




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