Universal Orlando Sneaks Another Price Increase In

Image: Universal Orlando PR

In the same week that Disneyland resorts stopped selling annual/key passes, Universal Orlando silently raised annual pass prices again this year. While Walt Disney World continues to sell only the lowest level “non-peak” annual pass only, Universal Orlando continues to sell all varieties of annual passes. Since Universal Orlando already made a price increase of all annual passes back in February 2022, a second price bump looks suspicious.

Earlier this year, all non-Florida resident annual passes increased about 11-14% percent. Not that long before that, the top “Premier” annual passes got a slight increase. In fairness, the benefits of the annual passes at Universal Orlando still provide a decent value. The value looks very high considering non-Florida residents cannot buy annual passes of any type currently for the theme parks over in Lake Buena Vista.

No one likes price increases. I will not be thrilled to pay more for my annual pass renewal in a few months. On a positive note, for me, I will get 20% off when I pay in full at renewal time. However, this latest price increase is mild compared to the increase earlier this year.

Universal Orlando sells four levels of annual passes in 2 park or 3 park (includes Volcano Bay) versions. The four levels are seasonal, power, preferred, and premier level. Please consult Universal Orlando’s website for specifics to each level of annual pass. Florida resident annual passes range in price now from $324.99 to $829.99. Non-Florida resident annual pass prices now range from $424.99-944.99. The two lowest level passes, seasonal and power, increased in price $25 with this latest increase. The two higher levels, preferred and premier, increased $40 with this latest increase.

Of note, the non- Florida resident premier level annual pass that includes Volcano Bay access year-round has increased in price dramatically. Since parks reopened in June 2020, that pass increased in price by about $200.

So, what does all this mean?  I am not sure to be honest. One, my annual pass will cost more (duh!). Two, it looks highly unlikely that Universal Orlando will stop selling annual passes. Three, though I lack access to the 2022 data, this price increase suggests annual pass sales are going well at Universal Orlando. Logic, also, dictates that locals are buying more Universal Orlando annual passes since they may not be able to get an annual pass to Walt Disney World for the days they can attend.

Last thing, the theme park competition in Orlando never fails to offer intrigue and confusion. The annual pass program still, arguably, offers a good deal at Universal Orlando. Only time will tell if another price increase leads to less annual pass purchases or people buying lower-level annual passes instead. Maybe, SeaWorld Orlando will gain some new annual passholders. Who knows? Based on the last few years in the theme park industry, anything could happen.


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