TikTok Video Shows Fight At Magic Kingdom During Fireworks Show


Another month, another fight at Disney caught on camera. This time the fight was on Main Street U.S.A. during the end of the “Happily Ever After” night time show at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World. We aren’t sure how old this video is, but the poster just uploaded it a few hours ago.

The video was posted by TikTok user @heather7marie:


@heather7marie Just another day at the most magical place on Earth, #waltdisneyworld. #fight #girlfight #disney #fyp #disneyworld ♬ original sound – fayth hendley

The write-up says:

Just another day at the most magical place on Earth, #waltdisneyworld #fight #girlfight #disney #fyp #disneyworld

In the video you can see a couple of people rolling around on the ground while an older Cast Member is trying to keep them isolated. Other people come up to assist and one guest puts a child down and seems to get in and try to pull them off each other. Eventually they break it up.

People, this is not how you behave at Walt Disney World or anywhere for that matter!

I think a lot of us are getting tired of seeing videos like this popping up all the time. Is it really worth getting fined, arrested or perma banned from the parks? Do you really want to be all over the dirty walk way with Lord knows what getting all over you?

The poor Cast Members are NOT paid enough to put up with this and try to keep everyone around you safe while guests are rolling around on the ground. This poor gentleman was clearly doing the best he could to isolate the two people fighting while waiting for help to arrive.

Let’s try to keep it somewhat magical for everyone else please.

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Source: @heather7marie Tik Tok

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