Thunder Falls Rotisserie Chicken Salad Review


The quest for quality theme park quick service food overwhelms many theme park guests. After some time, many guests give up settling for basic pizza and/or basic burgers. If desired, guests looking for those types of food will easily find it. After a while, most everyone grows weary of burgers and pizza. When/If you hit that point in a theme park vacation, you desire options. My standard in park suggestion at Universal Orlando involves the Thunder Falls Terrace.

Thunder Falls Terrace resides on outskirts of Jurassic Park area of Islands of Adventure. The splash zone for Jurassic Park River Adventure engrosses guests with water nearby Thunder Falls Terrace. This place lacks pizza and burgers. Guests enjoy pork, chicken, rice bowls, and turkey legs. In a previous article, I discussed the rice bowl. The rice bowl serves as a solid quick service alternative to fat-filled options.

Another solid quick service alternative at Thunder Falls is the Rotisserie Chicken Salad. Currently, this salad coast $12.49. As you read those last two sentences, you might be disappointed with price point and idea of a theme park salad. Please do not be distracted by those variables at this point.

This salad offers great flavor. The large chicken portion provides a solid meal by itself. The flavor of the chicken exceeds standard theme park standards. The lettuce base continues the freshness of this salad. The accompanying vegetables increase the quality and overall flavor balance of this salad. Also, most guest appreciate the dressing with this salad. They state the light taste adds to the salad nicely.

Like most entrees at Thunder falls Terrace, the portion size surpasses typical expectations. Often, guests do not eat all the salad. These decisions not to finish the salad involve the portions size far more than disinterest in the salad itself.

Yes, this entrée lacks excitement being a salad. Hopefully you can see, this entrée rates as more than your average salad. The price point compares with quick service burger and fries pricing. A theme park salad might rank low on your list of dining choices. Still, guests find this salad to be a great alternative to ordinary theme park food.

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