The Trams are Coming! The Trams are Coming!

(Image Credit: MysticMTL)

In my opinion, the most unpleasant part about a Walt Disney World vacation starts with the dread of Magic Kingdom. I appreciate the incredible classic attractions at The Magic Kingdom such as Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean. The issue causing the horror centers around parking as an off-site guest. Now, if you read this thinking I need to stay on-site, then getting to/from Magic Kingdom rates as a good reason. The key source of dread rests ominously across the lagoon from the Magic Kingdom known as the Transportation and Ticket Center (TTC). Located near the TTC resides the Magic Kingdom parking lots. When you finally park your car in a spot, guests then must get to the TTC for transportation to the Magic Kingdom via monorail, shuttle, or bus.

Still, this stroll from the car beginning your theme park day at a 50-year-old theme park seems enjoyable. However, you must return to your car at some point. Realizing this is a #FirstWorldProblem, the walk back to your car resembles a fitness work-out. Still, guests remember these former vehicles of marginal comfort known as the trams that would take you near your vehicle. These saviors of shoe soles disappeared when Walt Disney World reopened theme parks in July 2020.

Guests have articulated consistent disgust about the dearth of parking trams. That revulsion hit a high point over the Thanksgiving week high crowd level period. In fairness, Disney possessed several valid reasons for trams not to return in July such as virus concerns and low staffing issues. Though staffing concerns still exist, the lack of trams conveyed another cost cutting measure by Disney to guests.

On December 2nd, 2021, Disney announced the trams would be returning. They produced an entire promotion video about this. However, guests should not expect full normalcy with trams yet. Only Magic Kingdom will have trams starting back in December 2021. All other parks will have to wait on their trams until 2022. To Disney’s credit, the trams will return to the most important park for them to be in use. Yes, the walk from Epcot parking lot will stress guests but soon that will change also.

Yet, in typical fashion, Universal Orlando social media team wanted to celebrate this occasion. On their twitter they posted: “Trams? Where we’re going, we don’t need trams”. The reference to the beloved Back to the Future attraction now replaced by the Simpsons attraction rallied Universal Orlando veterans in appreciation. As usual, the social media conveyed humor digging at big brother in Lake Buena Vista (or is that Lake Nona now?).

If Walt Disney World cared, I would expect a snarky reply like: Fair, but we have more guests in one park that you do in two. If we were smaller, we could get by on just lame moving walkways also. Since Walt Disney World rarely post anything on twitter, that twitter war will not happen over trams and moving walkways.

No matter which parks you are visiting of the excellent theme park options in the Orlando region, they will get you safely to the park. Then, they can convince you to part with more of your hard-earned money. Hooray for trams though! Always, remember as the terrific Homer Simpson says on his attraction at Universal Studios Florida: “sweetie, they won’t kill you at an amusement park, as long as you’ve got a dime in your pocket. Watch those dimes and be glad for trams.


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