The Grinch Meet and Greet at Honk Honkers


To some, it seems like not long ago that guests could buy gigantic made-to-order cotton candy at the Honk Honkers store in Islands of Adventure. This Seuss Landing merchandise location briefly sold this incredible creation. However, that option no longer appears at Universal Orlando. As a result, the Honk Honkers location has been used rarely over the last few years. However, some work regarding this merchandise location has been done over the last month or so. The exterior received a nice new bright paint job. All of this was done for a horrible mean person you would not touch with an 89-and-a-half-foot pole. Yes, the mean one, the grinch will greet guests in this location for the holidays.

As Universal Orlando says in their mobile application, “Spend a little time with the mean green one himself at Honk Honkers in order to greet the Grinch, you’ll need to join the Virtual Line experience.” You will need to download the Universal Orlando mobile app in order to do this.

In the “Holidays” section, hit the link for “shows and more.” After that, scroll down to find “The Grinch Meet and Greet at Honk Honkers.” You will see “virtual line pass.” Hit the word “reserve.”


This should take you to a screen asking how many people. Please select the number of people looking to meet the Grinch.

Then hit the “Continue” button. If you are lucky enough to have time to show that you can meet the Grinch, click that button. At this point, you should be set.

When your window of time opens, simply head to Honk Honkers for the pleasure or pain of meeting the Grinch. Since this system just appeared in the Universal Orlando mobile app on the morning of November 12th, we lack information about how smoothly this system works. However, if you are reading this early in the holiday season, you should have a huge advantage over most guests in meeting the Grinch. We do not know how early you can get a virtual line time slot yet. This Grinch gathering unofficially should run from 11 am to about 5 pm each day of the holidays. I currently have an 11:20 am time slot to meet the Grinch. Wish me luck!

Enjoy your holidays even if they are Grinchy!

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