Honk Honkers Candy Store At Universal Orlando Undergoes Repaint


The Honk Honkers Candy Store

Honk Honkers Candy Store at Suess Landing in Universal Studios Orlando is currently undergoing a repaint. A facade was put up to close part of the area off from the public to prevent paint drips from falling onto guests. The now closed entrance however can still be seen.

The Honk Honkers Candy Store was opened in 1999 and would often close and open again until it’s most recent closure in 2020. The candy store was known for its variety of sweets and large bundles of cotton candy.

Workers could be seen in a cherry picker lift painting the outside of the building with blue and white paint.

As for now no other parts are being worked on but it is believed the entire outside of the building will receive a repaint. Thus leading some to speculate the store will either reopen again or will be replaced with a completely new store.

The current state of Seuss Landing is somewhat questionable as many speculated that the area would eventually be closed and rethemed to Super Nintendo World when it arrives in North America, but the announcement of the Epic Universe Expansion tempered those speculations, at least for the time being.

With Seuss’ name recently drawing controversy it is unknown if Universal will eventually drop the Seuss license and pursue something else.

Do you think that Universal is prepping for the Candy Store to reopen?

Source: NewsBreak 

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