The Dinosaur Ride’s Carnotaurus Covered By Net Due To Damage


The 2000 film Dinosaur by Disney isn’t a film that many people remember, in fact more people remember the theme park ride at Animal Kingdom. The ride originally opened in 1998 as “Countdown to Extinction” and was based on the same technology used in the “Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye” ride at Disneyland. The ride was re-themed after the film in 2000 to help promote the then upcoming film.

One of the big parts of the film were the predator dinosaurs called the Carnotaurus, a stand-in for the T-Rex as Universal Studios’s Jurassic Park was heavy associated with the Tyrannosaurus. The meat eating predator also served as the ride’s main threat as it would chase the riders throughout the experience and hunting them down. It was truly a sight to behold. But now it appears that experience may now be less magical due to the ride’s lack of care from its staff.

According to the site Blog Mickey on one of their recent visits to Walt Disney World one of their staff took photos while riding the attraction and caught something interesting.

One of the Carnotaurus’ heads was completely covered up by a net as to hide damage and decay that the animatronic has accumulated over the years of wear and tear. Sadly there is no video footage so its hard to tell which one of them has their face covered.

This shows the attraction is currently in a state of neglect as many park guests just skip over Dinoland U.S.A in favor of sections like Africa, Asia and Pandora. Some of the staff think people probably won’t care. But there are definitely people who do care. If a large portion of people still haven’t gotten over the Yeti from Expedition Everest then people will likely be upset with this lazy stunt.

Hopefully this is only temporary and isn’t a sign that management may be looking to close down this classic Animal Kingdom ride that has been open since day one.

Source: Blog Mickey

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