Star Wars: The High Republic YA Novel Features a ROCK Talking Openly About SEX With a TEEN for Some Weird Reason.


This isn’t your father’s Star Wars.

Star Wars: The High Republic is finally here, and is getting a mixed reaction from much of the Star Wars fandom.

A new (and frankly meme-able) character that was recently introduced is just a rock — a literal sentient rock — named Geode.

Yes, this rock is a new Star Wars character. No, we are not kidding. No, it is not April Fools.
Yes, this rock is a new Star Wars character. No, we are not kidding. No, it is not April Fools.

And thanks to Claudia Gray’s new young adult novel Into the Dark, we know that Geode has a keen interest in human sexuality for whatever weird reason.

Here’s an except from Gray’s book, where Geode has a sex talk with teenaged Affie Hollow, co-pilot of the space ship creatively named Vessel.

“How are you supposed to prove love to the galaxy at large if you don’t know how to love one person?” asks the pilot Leox, likely in regards to Jedi attachment being forbidden.

It continues, with Affie talking to Geode, who is just a rock and presumably asexual…

You don’t have to have sex with someone to love them. You should know that if anyone does.”

“Indeed I do. But other beings seem to value copulation as a form of bonding.” Leox then made a face and swore. “Not appropriate. Sorry.”

He meant well, she knew, but Affie hated it when he treated her like a kid instead of as an equal. Fortunately, he didn’t do that much. “It’s okay. I think I heard of sex once already.

To have a talk mentioning “the deed” in a Star Wars book aimed at middle grade and high school aged readers is… an odd choice.

Star Wars under George Lucas tended to skirt the issue. While Han and Lando were smooth operators, talks about “the deed” were kept strictly PG.

And it’s obvious that Anakin and Padme did “the deed” in the prequels, but explicit talk about sex was kept off camera.

So it’s a little weird to see sex talk keep creeping into Disney Star Wars books, of all things. And it reads kinda fan fiction-y to be honest. Feels “off brand.”

Then again, this is the same Disney-owned Lucasfilm that heavily implied that Lando Calrissian doing “the deed” with his droid co-pilot was a possibility.

Again, clearly not your father’s Star Wars. Or George Lucas’ Star Wars. Who The High Republic is actually for remains to be seen.

But hey, good luck with that.


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