She-Hulk Writer Nearly Quit Over Argument With Kevin Feige


The final episode of the first (and possibly last) season of Marvel’s She-Hulk: Attorney at Law had many scratching their heads. The decision to go full on meta and enter what can only be described as “Deadpool Territory” confused some fans and criticsl

The segment most people are talking about involves She-Hulk exiting her show and going into the Disney+ home screen and jumping from her show to the real world at Marvel Studios. She then confronts the writers for the show complaining about how it makes no sense. She then says she is going to talk to “Kevin”. The elude to her meaning Marvel producer Kevin Feige, but it is actually a robot called K.E.V.I.N. that runs everything.

Now in a recent interview on Phase Zero head writer Jessica Gao, the same writer who says she bullies Kevin Feige, stated that she almost quit due to an argument with Feige over K.E.V.I.N.

She said that when pitching the finale to Kevin at a meeting she originally wanted K.E.V.I.N. to have a baseball cap on his head like the real Kevin Feige. However, Kevin found it to be a little too much and didn’t want it in.

She then said:

And he was like ‘Yeah, I can’t. That doesn’t make any sense. I won’t do, you can’t do it.’ And I was so furious. I said, and this is in a meeting with 20 different people. And I said, Kevin, if you don’t let me put a hat on that machine, then I quit.

And then Kevin for a second, he goes, ‘Thank you very much Jessica. You’ve done a lot of great work for us. We’re sad to see you go.’ And then Sweet Jackson Z from Previz, ever the mediator and hard worker gently suggested what if they incorporate into the design of the machine something that would read as a baseball hat. And then Kevin was like, ‘Oh, I’m okay with that.’ If it’s part of the machine, of course then that makes all the sense! And so that was our compromise and I didn’t have to quit over a hat on our little robot.

Despite the compromise this instant shows that the creative team behind the series feels that they should be able to do what they want without having to follow orders from above. Threatening to quit over a tiny aesthetic detail.

While there is a possibility of a second season for this series, many third party reports indicate that the show had declining ratings with each episode. 

Perhaps it’s for the best we move onto the another series. Hopefully Daredevil: Born Again isn’t as mismanaged as She-Hulk seems to have been.


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