SeaWorld Orlando’s New Roller Coaster


If it seems like SeaWorld Orlando just opened a new roller coaster, they did with the IceBreaker on February 18, 2022. However, if you didn’t know already, SeaWorld Orlando already has another one slated to open in 2023 known as the Surf Coaster.

SeaWorld Orlando causally tweeted a photo yesterday with pieces of blue coaster track yesterday with the caption, “Some beautiful palm trees right there…” eluding to the palm trees in the foreground of the picture with massive coaster pieces causally behind them.

The coaster is said to be a B & M (Bolliger & Mabillard) now known as the Surf Coaster. SeaWorld Orlando has precious worked with B & M to build Mako, Kraken, and Manta. No information about Surf Coaster had officially been released. However, having been at SeaWorld Orlando recently, I can report that there is a huge area near the entrance to the left of Bayside Stadium that has been plowed and demolished. This is obviously the likely location of the new Surf Coaster.

It seems that a patent was filed for an over the shoulder harness for the coaster. Whether it will be a sit down or stand up coaster is undetermined at this time. It would be a welcome addition to the Orlando area theme parks to have a standup coaster as one does not exist in Orlando. I have been on a standup roller coaster before, and it certainly a different experience. It would live up to the name is the Surf Coaster was a stand up roller coaster.

SeaWorld Orlando is certainly stepping up its game to compete with the other Orlando theme parks. Yes, going to SeaWorld Orlando to see the marine animals is a must, but it is certainly competing in the roller coaster game. The addition of the Surf Coaster is exciting news for SeaWorld Orlando.

Thanks to AmusementInsider for this video of construction and an update on the Surf Coaster:

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Source: ThemeParkTourist

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