‘Save Splash Mountain’ Petition Reaches Nearly FOUR TIMES the Signatures to Change Disney Attraction

(Photo Credit: Disney)

The number of signatures on a petition to keep Disney’s Splash Mountain attraction as-is are now nearly four times the number of signatures calling to re-theme it to The Princess and the Frog.

The petition on Change.org to “Save Splash Mountain” has close to 80,000 signatures as of the writing of this article.

The petition to change it to The Princess and the Frog had a little over 21,000 signatures before it was closed out as a victory.

In reality, Disney admitted that the change to Splash Mountain had already been in the works for at least a year. And we’d been hearing rumors of a proposed change years before that.

Splash Mountain is slated to get a Princess and the Frog re-theme in Disneyland and Magic Kingdom. [Image: Disney]
Splash Mountain has come under scrutiny by the media in the aftermath of the George Floyd protests as it was based on Disney’s controversial Song of the South. Despite only showcasing the cartoon animals from the film, Disney seems intent on distancing itself completely from the film… which even some prominent Black voices like Disney Legend Whoopi Goldberg have called on Disney to re-release.

The Splash Mountain overlay is the first of what is rumored to be many more changes at the Disney Parks that take modern day “cultural sensitivity” into consideration. There’s a  to “audit” aging attractions for “problematic” elements.

Rumored to be up for change is The Hall of Presidents, The Carousel of Progress, The American Adventure and more.

Clearly Disney fans still love many of these attractions as they are. Whether or not Disney will listen in this heightened age of “political correctness” remains to be seen. Backlash over the “Wench Auction” being removed from Pirates of the Caribbean still moved forward, despite massive fan backlash.

If nothing else, it seems that Tokyo Disneyland isn’t keen on getting rid of Brer Rabbit and friends anytime soon. So there’s that?

[Source: Change.org]


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