Rumor: Walt Disney World’s Coronado Springs Could Become the Primary Host Resort For the NBA


I’m calling this one a rumor because it hasn’t been announced, but it looks like it could be shortly. Disney has already been pushing for the NBA to finish their season there. According to @KeithSmithNBA (blue check on Twitter) this is definitely in the works. I appreciate some of his refreshingly honest takes on other questions as well. Take a look!

It starts off with him saying:

Per Walt Disney World sources, Disney and the NBA have agreed that Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort is likely to be the primary host resort for the NBA when they resume the season. Sources say and agreement may be reached this week, which will allow preparations to move quickly.

But then he answers some good questions. Of course it’s all his opinion, but it sounds about right.

In this question someone asks about how expensive it would be for them to use Disney as the host. I love his response because that’s exactly how Disney would do it. It’s just smart business.

He says:

In normal times, certainly. It’s a massive bill for a singe family to come to Disney for a week.
But this is more likely to be a “you scratch our back, we’ll scratch your’s” arrangement. Disney will get paid for sure, but they’ll also get a multi-month in-house ad campaign.”

Yes. This sounds about right. There’s nothing wrong with it, but for some reason it’s “taboo” to speak of Disney doing business like it’s a business. You have to report it as a magical moment just because they’re nice. It’s refreshing to see someone speculate on something and talk about it in realistic, business-centric terms.  It would be an awesome win-win for both parties. You can say so!

But wait, there’s more!

He further elaborates:

Everything pointed towards Disney building buzz for Walt Disney World 50th birthday in 2021 starting this fall. That will likely be a part of the marketing around the NBA being there. There’s also a “Safe enough for the NBA to come…” component too. And Disney+, movies, TV, etc.”

YES! All of this! This sounds exactly like something Disney would angle for. To me it makes it more believable. Of course Disney is going to leverage all of this. For the NBA to agree there has to be a good deal in it for them, so Disney is going to want to recoup and rebuild off of it. They would most definitely use this as 50th Anniversary marketing and a way to convince people it was safe and to trust them. Using this as fresh Disney+ content is also completely on brand for Disney.

Again, brilliant business move that makes sense!

He’s asked if they will run the games on Disney+ and he does say that’s unlikely, because it is. Disney would do something like offer it as some kind of NBA league pass or do some ESPN upcharge thing.

But he does add this and again, it makes sense!

He goes on to say:

“Ads for Disney+ during games though? 100% going to see some of those. Probably enough of them to make some people actively angry about it. Hopefully it’s less corny than “The Andersons got tickets to the game?”

Again, this makes sense!

Plus Disney has the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex, so you know they are going to leverage ESPN and that as well. They have the NBA Experience now too!

It might all end up being an unfounded rumor, but what he’s saying makes a lot of sense and does sound very “on brand” for what Disney would do.

I’m just excited about how honest he was being. It’s refreshing.

What do you think? Comment and let us know!

Source: @KeithSmithNBA on Twitter

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