Rumor: Disney+ Obi-Wan Series Was To Deal with Depression and Loss and Add Back an EU Character


Rumors are again swirling in pop culture circles about the Obi-Wan show coming to Disney+ at some point.

Currently the rumors are that Kathleen Kennedy has rejected the current scrips and has recalled production crews until new writers and new scripts could be completed, putting the show on hold.

But now we have some new rumors coming in that give us a possible look at what those “problematic” scripts might have contained.

According to Small Screen, details were leaked on Reddit that indicate Obi-Wan was going to deal with some pretty deep issues like loss, depression and even PTSD.

It would make sense as he just did what he did to Anakin, who was supposed to be his friend and apprentice. Then what happened to Padme and hiding Luke and Leia.

Plus there was rumor that Sharad Hett from the Expanded Universe books. Which is interesting because Disney made such a point of de-cannonizing the EU and now they keep picking from it. Thrawn, Dash Rendar, and rumors of Mara Jade returning.

Here’s what the rumored story-line would have contained:

A source close to the writing process for the series (or what it was going to be before the recent changes) has disclosed some information to me regarding some interesting plot points.

  1. Sharad Hett would be recanonized with some changes to his character.
  2. Hett would go into hiding as a Tusken Raider after Order 66.
  3. The main conflict would come with Hett sensing Luke and figuring out who he is. He would seek to kill Luke out of fear that his presence would lure Vader and Palpatine to Tatooine.
  4. We find out that Kenobi has been carrying both his and Anakin’s saber.
  5. As many have reported, internal conflict would revolve around Obi-Wan’s PTSD and depression.
  6. Climax of final episode involves Kenobi defeating Hett with both his and Anakin’s lightsabers.
  7. Final scenes are Obi-Wan putting Anakin’s saber in the box, not to be reopened until A New Hope, and Obi-Wan watching Luke from a distance.”

That all sounds very plausible, relatable, and understandable. It would have been a good way to go.

So if this is what is scrapped, why?

Of course it’s all rumor and speculation, but it sounds like it would have been an interesting show.

What do you think? Comment and let us know!

Source: Small Screen

Featured Image: Deadline

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