Star Wars: Obi-Wan, Disney+ Series Likely on Hold


Last week there were rumors swirling around the internet about the possibility that the upcoming Obi-Wan series for Disney+ was in trouble.

Stories broke that it was being put on hold over “creative differences” about the show.

Now sources are coming out and telling Collider that not only is it “on hold” but crews have been sent home.

Two independent sources with knowledge of the situation tell Collider that the Obi-Wan series has been put on hold, as the crew that had assembled at Pinewood Studios in London was sent home. A timeframe was not given, but the crew was told that the show would be down “indefinitely.

The reasons appear to be because Kathleen Kennedy didn’t like the scripts and is now searching for a new writer. It’s also circulating that they are wanting to bring it down from six episodes to four episodes. So basically, a movie, which was the original plan.

Oh and it gets better:

According to the Hollywood Reporter:

“One source said the Kenobi story trod similar ground as The Mandalorian, seeing the Jedi master lending a protective hand to a young Luke and possible even a young Leia, perhaps mirroring how the Mandalorian took Baby Yoda under his protective custody. ”

So they are going to retcon the other films to make it like The Mandalorian.

Leia was being mentored by Obi-wan now?

I think they need to stop retconning everything. They did it with Emperor Palapatine and it did not go according to plan.

What is going on at Lucasfilm?

It just seems strange to me this keeps happening.  If anyone is keeping track Disney has an awful lot of “creative differences” when it has come to the Star Wars franchise.

A lot of fans feel Star Wars has been driven off a cliff by the people in charge, including Kathleen Kennedy, and maybe her judgement about “what’s good” isn’t the one they should be going by. It seems now that she is done with The Rise of Skywalker she is suddenly paying attention to Obi-wan.

This is something even Ewan McGregor has noticed. He said the following to IGN:

“It’s just slid to next year, that’s all. The scripts were really good. Now that Episode IX came out and everyone at Lucasfilm has got more time to spend on the writing, they felt they wanted more time to write the episodes.”

Wait, they weren’t spending time on it before?

Star Wars has been in a tail spin since Episode XIII:

A lot of fans did not like The Last Jedi and then that snowballed into terribly toy sales and then into  Solo: A Star Wars Story doing poorly.  Finally, The Rise of Skywalker ended up the least successful of the bunch. Actually, Obi-Wan was supposed to be a Star Wars Story film and Disney pulled the plug on that after Solo did so poorly.

The only thing that fans have been mostly agreeing on was The Mandalorian and the director chosen for Obi-Wan, Deborah Chow, was involved in that.

I don’t know what’s going on over there at Lucasfilm, but I do know that people want Obi-Wan and they want it to be good and more like The Mandalorian. Kathleen Kennedy does not have the best track-record for making good choices with the Star Wars franchise. So I’m hoping that we get a good series here. The fans and Ewan McGregor at least deserve that.

Disney has yet to comment, but there are now multiple news outlets coming forward about the possibility. I’m thinking it’s likely true.

What do you think? Comment and let us know!

Sources: The Hollywood Reporter, IGN, Collider

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