Review: Dinner at Wolfgang Puck’s at Disney Springs

Wolfgang puck's

For valid reasons, I receive joking criticism for spending so much time at Disney Springs when in the Orlando area. Sure, the staff at Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’ see me walking towards the bar, knowing I want a Coke Zero. They sometimes must break it to me gently when the Coke Zero supply is empty. Okay, some people on Twitter correctly mock the number of times I pass Gideon’s Bakehouse during a regular trip to the Orlando area. However, with over 20 table-service dining options in Disney Springs, research must be done as a theme park food blogger. Some restaurants receive little attention, while others receive more attention than they deserve. Wolfgang Puck’s Bar and Grill deserves more attention from locals and Disney Springs guests.

Wolfgang puck's

Several table service restaurants deserve more attention in Disney Springs based on quality than others. For example, some have unique entrées you would not expect. Based on my previous trips, Wolfgang Puck’s Bar and Grill is a table service option in Disney Springs that deserves more attention.

As a result, during one trip to the Orlando area, I scheduled a dinner reservation on a Saturday night at Wolfgang Puck’s. As someone who writes about food in a very part-time employment capacity, I often need to remember that the food I enjoy during the week at lunchtime may not match the quality guests receive on a busy weekend night. Thus, I often return to places at different times of day to earn a better perspective. In some cases, I have written glowing reviews of theme park restaurants about the food I truly enjoyed during a weekday lunch, only to hear trusted sources order the same thing on a Friday evening, saying that the meal was terrible.

Evening Dining

wlfgang puck's

This Saturday evening, I dined with Vacationeers Podcast. After some confusion during the check-in process (which became understandable later), we were seated. Our server took care of us. We asked him what he recommended for this evening. For a starter, he suggested Bruschetta. So, we ordered this appetizer for $16. The ciabatta bread comes adorned with marinated tomatoes, mozzarella, and pesto aioli. The flavors of bruschetta worked well. The experience one would expect was found in this appetizer. I appreciated the balance in textures. The tomatoes brought a unique freshness expected in this type of restaurant. Yet, the portion size rates as a bit tiny for this price point, even at Disney Springs, so bear that in mind.

Wild Mushroom Pizza

Our server also made several suggestions for our main entrée. Of those, we ordered the “Wild Mushroom Pizza” for $18. With this pizza, one receives fontina cheese, roasted garlic, and some marjoram herbs on the signature crust at a Wolfgang Puck restaurant, and mushrooms. At this point in the meal, I got asked if service was always this slow. I said that on my trips here, the service was excellent. However, things did appear a bit slow this evening.

wolfgang puck's

Our pizza arrived. The pizza displayed apparent signs of being very warm. One could detect a robust mushroom flavor (in a good way). The pizza flavor perfectly matched my expectations for a wild mushroom pizza. Yet, I can see how some people want a more supporting flavor with the mushrooms. This will disappoint if you visualize a more United States of America-style pizza. However, if you are looking for a well-prepared different style of pizza, this will work for you.

After a slice or two, our server offered us some parmesan cheese for our pizza. This addition created a flavor balancing factor elevating the other components. My dining companion found the pizza far better once parmesan cheese was added. Though I enjoyed this pizza overall, the crust tasted a bit chewy in some places. Yet, with this style of pizza, that would be common.

Though I do not think we caught Wolfgang Puck’s Bar and Grill on its best night, the food quality met expectations for a table service option in Disney Springs. Many guests might overlook this restaurant. However, if you are looking for an excellent opportunity with open reservations, Wolfgang Puck might suit you.

Word of Advice about Wolfgang Puck’s 

One last word of advice, if planning to visit here, refrain from consulting the official Walt Disney World website menu version. Always check the official restaurant website when possible. Disney fails to update the restaurant’s online menu very quickly. For example, I still wait for Walt Disney World to update one menu change from early August at another celebrity chef’s restaurant. Wolfgang Puck’s Bar and Grill changes their menu often, so I would not want you to face disappointment in trusting Disney’s website. As always, eat like you mean it!

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